Does Machines Picture

Donatello is a geek and geeks get things done. Donny uses the technology of the future to pull off the ninja magic of the mythologic past. ...but only after a bit of rummaging through the dumpster behind the Book-Off or Forbidden Planet. Donny gets a lot of his ideas for crazy inventions from watching anime and sci-fi. He's also a connoisseur of chanbara; He and leo spend samurai sunday on the couch religiously.

His inventions range from clone illusion devices to stealth cloaks; the latter of which he uses to stroll through New York city's many museums.

-also, remember that time when a few of you asked how you could get a print of my Ninja Turtles... Well now there's a way that you could keep one of my TMNT illustrations close... like on your chest, close. I've entered them into the Threadless TMNT contest. So if one of the designs is chosen, you'll have the opportunity to cop the art without me getting sued! You can see them all and vote at [link]
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