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Alone she sat, meditating before the warm light of Sol, a heavily polarized window shielding Nova from the star's most harmful incandescence.
Mercury drifted ever further from his dying mother with each passing millennium, dragged away by the machinations of the Grineer who sought to conquer all.
Yet here, now, within Mercury's fragile shell, Nova could find peace from the turmoil into which the Tenno had been thrust;
Here, she could listen to Mag's faint footsteps as she came to join her.

John Murphy - Mercury (Sunshine OST)

If only I could be so grossly incandescent.
The viewing room here is nothing like what I originally imagined; what I envisioned was very similar to what the crew of Sunshine's Icarus II stood in while they viewed Mercury, but the props I had were... difficult to work with toward that end. So I got creative with some stuff from UT3 and Blade Symphony.
This is also the first new celestial body (I mean the Sun, of course :V) that I've made in nearly two years, and I'm quite proud of her.
I'm also referring to Sol as a female here and in the story because there seem to be quite a few more mythologies that regard it as a female compared to those that say male. I find it more fitting as well, considering the Sun is effectively the mother of the solar system; we were all formed from the particles that surrounded (and made) it, eventually coalescing into asteroids, then planets, mountains, oceans... life.

And, well, without her, we couldn't exist.

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