The Giants of Jotunheim Picture

I put this image together as I worked to better understand how to create more realistic mountains in my Vue renders. I like how the mountains came out in this scene, but I still think there's room for improvement. I've named this work "The Giants of Jotunheim" after the homeland of the Ice Giants in Norse mythology. In this scene the viewer stands on a perpetually frozen world in orbit around a gas (ice) giant visible off in the distance. The phrase "Giants of Jotunheim" could of course represent the mountains, moons, or even the planet itself.

I used Vue 2015 to render the terrain and most of the cloud cover in this scene. The wispy clouds blowing off the mountain tops were added using Photoshop and are images of clouds I photographed myself. The moons and the gas giant were all added using Photoshop. The gas giant was painted entirely in Photoshop, then rendered as a sphere using Vue.

Any comments you may have are always welcome.
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