Sky Judge's Arkane Picture

Sky Judge's Arkané

Ughh, scanner totally messed up with colors. The original is a LOT MORE natural looking- with amazing color tones, balanced, lighter and LESS blurrer than on scan. Bah.

Yes, my Shizu trio do have a story. A huge story.
I created them many years ago, where I was 13 years old kid. I and with my friend's help, we created a legend called Earth&Wind. That story was acted in real (Role Play) by me and my friends xD. Those were amazing times, I was writing the story and drawing concepts and then I with my best friends were playing and acting my story in real xD
We were playing until I ended 16 years and I abandoned Earth&Wind project.

Earth&Wind is a very unique legend with incredibly amazing concepts- and I found that I was much more creative than now. Weird.

this places in no physical planet. It's a very surreal world, no ground, space or something like that- it's more like between the heaven and the hell. There are 'only' two worlds- Earth which is like an Underworld like in Greek mythology (but design is completely different) and Wind where takes place outside of the Underworld- whick is like an heaven but is filled with country fields and windmills. There is no physical land like a ground in between Underworld and Heavens.
I wont spoil more, because I want to come with surprise drawing soon
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