Con Cube (s) Picture

So apparently, the DA booth at San Diego Comic Con was handing out these little freebie sheets of paper where if you draw on all sides of the cube, cut it out, fold it into a cube, and post a photo of it on DA, you get a free month DA membership. So, here's my little cubes! I really miss my membership so if I can get a month, that'd be pretty awesome!

One cube has my OC Loki drawn on all the sides (except for the DA Logo side) and the other has my OC Sataniel drawn on all the sides (except for the DA logo side). They're both gods in my story series, Anomalies. You can see all the sides (I scanned it before I cut everything out) by clicking this link right here.

I drew the Loki cube sides first. And I really love how his original incarnation side came out (that's the top side pictured here). Ugh. I love all my Loki's incarnations. Although, I didn't draw his "Sweeney Todd" looking incarnation or his wtf-blue-skin-and-yellow-stripes-?? incarnation on any of the sides. ;u; But I drew a lot of his 2012/2013 incarnations, which mainly depicts him ditching the "kilt" looking skirt he wears (his 2010 incarnation) or the long one-piece he's been seen wearing (his 2011 incarnation), and instead he wears the orange shirt with a plume of multi-colored feathers for the collar, and some dark purple/pink pants that end at his knees, ending with a matching plume of feathers around each knee. And slippers, he wears slippers.
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