Narcissus's Song - My Reflection and Me Picture

Please watch it all the way through and give me feedback on the lyrics, not the voice haha.…

This song will be placed in the middle of the story, after Pan has cursed Narcissus to only love himself. The thing he knows is missing is Echo. I actually have an extract of the script round about the place it would be:

ECHO is waiting by the pond. She is standing with BEX as they wait. BEX is looking bored while ECHO looks excited. ECHO is talking about how excited she is to see NARCISSUS.


Oh Bex, do you think he’s as handsome as I remember? Do you think he feels the same way I do? I hope he gets here soon. I just want to see him again.

BEX rolls her eyes and then looks up as there’s the sound of a dog barking. It’s SETH’s bark. ECHO turns towards it too with a big smile. SETH bounds into the clearing and BEX bleats, backs up and glares at him. SETH merely gives ECHO a lick and gives a small bark at BEX. NARCISSUS arrives in the clearing shortly after. ECHO is delighted to see him, runs to him and hugs him. NARCISSUS doesn’t see her.



Echo? Echo, where are you?

ECHO pulls away from him and looks at him with confusion.


I’m right here.

NARCISSUS looks a little sad and looks at SETH.


(to SETH)

Do you think she’s not coming?

SETH and BEX look at each other in confusion. ECHO backs away from NARCISSUS and stares at him in worry.


What’s going on?

NARCISSUS sighs and walks over to the pond. He kneels down and reaches into the pond, cupping some water and washing it over his face.


(to himself mostly)

What was I thinking? Of course she wouldn’t come. She’s a Nymph and I’m just a-

He stops abruptly as the ripples in the water stop. We’re seeing over his shoulder as he stops and the water clears to show his own reflection. He seems stunned and suddenly he smiles. He reaches out his hand and it hovers just above the water, seemingly stroking the cheek of his reflection.


(to reflection)

Hello handsome. You are gorgeous!

SETH and BEX share a look with raised eyebrows as though they can’t believe what they are seeing and there’s an underlying hint of mirth to their faces.


Narcissus, what are you doing?!

Off shot there’s the sound of sinister laughing. SETH begins to growl as he turns to face the newcomer and BEX runs off to hide in the bushes, peering out through a small gap. You can see the tops of her horns peeking out the top. ECHO turns to face the newcomer and she begins to glare as the shot then switches to reveal PAN.


What do you want?

PAN smirks and looks over at where NARCISSUS is leaning in and trying to kiss his reflection. He accidentally falls forward and his nose and mouth go underwater. He sits up abruptly, spluttering. He goes back to staring lovingly at himself.


What’s wrong? Is lover boy not paying attention to you?

ECHO glances over at NARCISSUS and then turns back to PAN with an angry expression on her face.


What did you do?

PAN leans casually against a tree, and nonchalantly looking at NARCISSUS.


Oh nothing really. Just a small spell.

ECHO glares at PAN and storms over to him.


What spell?


Oh, dear ECHO, do you seriously not recognise it? You yourself have told the story of the last time this spell was used.

ECHO frowns. Her eyes flick over to NARCISSUS and then to PAN, and then to the floor. Her face contorts in horror and then she looks at PAN.


You didn’t!

PAN laughs sinisterly.


I did. You will never speak to him again. You can see, touch and hear him, but he will not be aware of your presence. He will never love you because the only one he loves is his own reflection. He will only have eyes for himself until the end of his days.

ECHO lets out a cry and falls to her knees. NARCISSUS is still staring at himself in the water. He is preening and flirting with his reflection. PAN watches them with an evil expression on his face. He turns and walks away, leaving the separated couple behind.

Bex is an Ibex and Seth is a dog, btw. Anyway, hope you liked the extract and the song
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