Preview - 2nd Gen Ceres Enemies and Rivals - Lyora Picture

Alright, both a WIP and a preview! First time for everything...?
Anyways, this here is Sorceress Lyora, the big bad of Kage's first scenario.
Spoiling it now, the big bad of his secondary scenario is Kaito (Mutated Form) and Sora, a pirate of sorts and Rouge's 'ancestor' (or at least, the ancestor of the werewolves who changed Rouge into a demonic mystic...).

The motivation for Lyora's actions are in power. For a good deal of time, she'd had low self esteem and had even been mocked by her former significant other for petty reasons. She eventually developed a hatred for her BF and their friends, to the point that she almost went psychotic when another such incident of abuse popped up.
Meeting who later turned out to be Reishiki, she asked him for assistance in making him pay, although she certainly didn't intend for such 'help' to end with the death of the people who mocked her.
Given power from Reishiki and motivation for Kage's powers ("The way a demon would deal with things, they'd simply kill the offensive ones and be done with it. But if you really want to bring them back to life... Seek out the Guardian of Ice. I'm certain he has enough power to bring them back."), even under false pretenses, she goes to confront Kage, summoning corrupted Guards (the main three; Thunder, Ice and Flame) when he reveals his inability to bring back the dead (and his hesitance in helping her).

So, this ends up getting her killed. Know why? Guards are all for power. Even if they couldn't absorb her para-magic, they were happy enough striking her down just for 'capturing' them.

And yes, her powers were given to her by Shiki. Kinda funny how he never gets that back, since it transfers to Rena.
Makes me wonder how strong Shiki really is...

Right, that quote is also spurred on by the Age of Freezing/Dual Ice Age that occurs around Kage's time. Since many humans are either killed or mutate into mystics or demons, the general view on demons lowers to a magnificent amount (they believe demons are the cause). Thusly, she believes that if she gains power, not only can she revive those who were killed by Shiki's hands, she believes she can set things right again.
Good bit of luck that did her. xD

~Shadow R/B
She has a bit of a Tengu motif, unfortunately for Leon. I've mentioned it before, but Leon has a fear of any kind of birds, stemming from a terrible childhood incident with em.
I like how there's a phobia that's described as "fear of being watched by a duck from somewhere far away" or something like that. Bet Leon would fall for that. Zero's pet penguin, Artemis, tended to run around like a little ninja and spy on anyone who hung around Zero (jealous thing). So, yeah, bet that didn't help Leon's paranoia. xD

The thing with Lyora here is that she doesn't fight alone after getting Shiki's help. The main cast of 2nd Gen Ceres splits into groups (Kage's team (with Haruko and Nezu) and Zero's team (with Leon)) to take on an army of demons she manages to conjure up, whether by recruit or otherwise. Zero's team is the one that handles that, thankfully for Leon. He never actually met Lyora, so... x3

It has to be mentioned that if Haruko wasn't around Kage when this confrontation took place, Kage's adventure would've ended a hell of a lot sooner than it did.
He can't absorb paramagic, even if it's the same kind as his magic. Lyora launches a rather large icicle spear at him when he reveals his reasons for confrontation, and of course Midori takes the hit for him. This is sorta the event that ends up with Kage and Haruko becoming better friends, actually. x3
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