Satanas and his Sin Dragons Picture

Meet my OC villains.

The big red one is Satanás, my main villain. He's not the actuall devil or anything demon, he just looks that way because he's descended from monsters; I. E. Typhon (Greek Father of all monsters) and Grinhilda (Grendal's mother from Beowulf). His powers include incredible strength and absorbing abilities.

The purple one is Magnun Pride. Formerly known as Coeus, the Titan of knowledge, now a parasitic Brainiac-like creature that possesses the bodies of others. He is truly loyal to Satanás and responsible for the creation of the other Sin Dragons.

The dark one behind Pride is Baganus Gluttony. An experiment made by Pride, this beast has one thing on his mind; EAT!

The white one in the corner is Olo Sloth. Formerly the Wyvern, this lab lizard has lost his scaly skin and, like his name suggests, he just wants to sleep and be lazy.

The one directly in front of Satanás is Nicholae Greed. A corrupt former Ancient Egyptian priest, this guy forced the goddess Isis into transforming him into a god-like scorpion creature in order to sate his greed for power. He fulfills the role of the ambitious second-in-command.

The one in the center is Irosis (Eye-raw-sis) Wrath. Brutish and violent, this Sin Dragon is the son of one of the three Furies, specifically Alecto (who's name means unceasing anger). Taken by Pride as a child, he was experimented on and kept getting put in situations where he would die. So, Pride had a machine built that would bring him back to life, and it eventually got to the point where he could come back to life on his own. However, the constant deaths and ressurections made him grow a hatred for all life. Hellbent on destruction, Irosis Wrath is unstoppable, so the only way anybody can control him is by sedating him and waking him up in a place they want destroyed.

The only female in the group is Luxia Lust. Modelled after a succubus, Lust is a former love goddess, though which one is shrowded in mystery. A sadomasochist, Lust has an attraction towards Wrath (because he's the one she can't have).

The green one behind Lust is Phantomas Envy. Like Gluttony, he's an experiment created by Pride. He's more or less a whiny talker most of the time. Envy and Gluttony form a sort of Abbott and Costello duo (a skinny talker and a bulbous idiot).

At the bottom is the Ackja, insect creatures that form the army of Satanás and the Sin Dragons. Another one of Pride's experiments, the Ackja have two things in mind; Consume and serve Satanás. 3-stories high and menacing, the Ackja have two other distinguishing features:
1. They carry a disease that slowly and painfully kills a victim in 2 days.
2. Aesexual reproduction; whenever one of them eats enough they vomit up three more. So they can increase their numbers exponentially.

These are my OC villains. Tell me what you think below.
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