Goddesses Picture

I have...no idea really, other than I had wanted to draw the main goddesses for Modern Day Cupid yesterday just for the hell of it. So I did, and rather liked the results. These two, in case you're wondering, are Persephone and Aphrodite.

Persephone, as you all well know, is basically the Queen of the Underworld, and as such, doesn't get out all that much. As such, she prefers to remain in her ceremonial toga, as she sees no point in adjusting her fashion sense to the surface world. I've always perceived Persephone as a kind and friendly goddess, and Hades as a slightly messed up god, but still on par with his wife. To me, the genuinely love each other, despite the fact that Hades 'tricked' Persephone into staying with him. And that, of course, is going to reflect in my story. In the myth, Persephone helps Psyche out, and in my mind, they remained friends because of it. So Persehone's quite willing to help out the current Psyche.

Aphrodite, of course, is Eros' mother and mind of an overbearing one at that. For some odd reason, when I started contemplating this story again, and visualizing the times when Psyche would meet Aphrodite, I always pictured her in business wear with a practical hairstyle.
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