Xolotl Picture

Xolotl is the entity which inhabit the 'Nemontemi Stone', one of the five main Vovin Crystals originated from the shattering of Apep's Ater Adamantis. Apep is the younger of the six huehuenahual, ancient beings which have biospheres around their own gigantic organism and have either Mnemosyne or Ceboatl substances running in their veins. Apep was forcefully taken from its development phase, from Chaos, by Hydros, the 'Macabraic Spirit' of Water. The Macabraics are nine beings (that have been less than nine for sometime, but kept splitting into new entities until reaching nine) of unknown origin that intervened on the universe inhabited by the Huehuenahual, Chaos, and primordial lifeforms related to those. Attributed to their intervention there are, for example, the heterotrophic relationship, the food chain, extractivity and civilization.

Xolotl is the Nemontemi Stone, the Vovin Crystal which represents one of the 'Five Hidden Elements', in this case, that of "Rasa", known to cause transformations on earth, and is as well related to the earth element of the Wu Xing (being that the main reason for Xolotl has 80 points in this element on its card). The Nemontemi stone has passed through several possessors, and many alchemists throughout history have performed covenants with this entity in exchange of power over Rasa. As a Hidden Element, Rasa might be found in many places, but it's difficult to find it manifested, thus to find it able to reproduce all its effects.

In the Cuetzpalin mythos, Xolotl plays a major role since the protagonist, Wilhelm, finds the use of the Nemontemi Stone as an alternative to the powers he once had as Cuetzpalin Paynal, for he seeks to avoid becoming Cuetzpalin, fearful that it could mean he could no longer return to his original 'human' form.

The awakening of Xolotl, out of the Nemontemi Stone, has been realized by Xipe Totec, an 'Ixiptlatli' sorcerer that sacrificed a whole village. Like other entities awaken from the five Vovin Crystals of the Hidden Elements, Xolotl can be awaken through heat sources and its awakening always mean that those who made covenants of power with it (overall, alchemists) will be reduced to a state of sleep until the entity return to its stone form, by sources of cold. Like the other entities, Xolotl also grows more powerful with covenants and with the consumption of 'spirits' (vital energy).

This character has been inspired by the homonymous dog-like Aztec god of the underworld, regarded as brother to Quetzalcoatl (in its Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli aspect) and related to the Evening Star. Dogs are also common in the cosmologies which concern the guidance of the dead on the underworld.
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