Paynal Picture

Cuetzpalin Paynal is the protagonist of the Cuetzpalin series. Since the destruction of Tenochtitlán in 1523, the Cuetzpalin have disappeared from Tredius, leaving behind all the descendants of the Mexica, as well other tribes which they used to live with, as a process of "humanizing" those societies took place by the conquerors, in a similar way to that which the Chronpuchian colony did centuries back in the territories of Cernunnos, Veles, and others. While most Mexica remained living on the colony, other tribes such as the Huacastecs and the Tepecs have left far south, yet expecting that their patron god, Huitzopoca, god of wind, war and sorcery, would send back from Tlalocan more Cuetzpalin to save their future generations from the age of iron which came with the foreign domain. To that Cuetzpalin which would save them they have named as "Paynal" (something like 'messenger' in nahuátl).

In 2008 a.I, exactly 485 years after the disappearance of the last Tenochca Cuetzpalin, a San Brandonian teenage, Wilhelm, has bound with a Cuetzpalin 'Kra Coatl' (in the earlier and later states of a Cuetzpalin's lifespan, it's turned into a tiny snake-like form which can live symbiotically with another host), developing the power to transform into a Cuetzpalin, besides still accessing his born 'human' form. This Kra Coatl, however, was more than what Wilhelm may have thought: It's the last Mexica emperor, Tlatoani Cuetzpalin Moctezuma Xocoyotzin, known to have been the fastest Cuetzpalin in history (alongside his sister, Papantzin). Wilhelm has developed throughout all his memorable life great esteem and respect for cultures which the State of San Brandon, representing the landlords, often struggle against, so it's quite natural that he'll use all the powers and immunity which a Cuetzpalin power can offer for the defense of their interests against those of the State, the landlords, and the multinational agribusiness, even the United Nations. But he'll use those powers also for other purposes: Direct action on Animal Liberation.

Out of this, both Moctezuma (which was 54 years old when he became a Kra Coatl [organically he's around 539 years old - the conservation of his Kra Coatl form in a pool of 'Ceboatl' has extended his lifespan even though he lived his last 485 years in a state of hibernation]) and Wilhelm (14 years old) will learn much of each others' cultures, as they rampage the corrupt landlords and all their domain, even if they have to take down the whole State and its minions.
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