Ana is Artemis Picture


._.; Ana is my OC for the X-Men universe. Her ability is that her body contains the DNA for every single animal that has existed and that exists now. She does not copy like Mystique, but instead becomes the animal with its own unique DNA. I suppose she could donate her DNA to help save endangered animals, but that might be odd considering then she'd have "children." o_o She can also manifest the animal's abilities while in humanoid or anthro form. She's a mysterious person. Anyway, since there is a role play that she's in and it probably isn't going to go anywhere I felt the need to explain her past. Whenever she dies, she reincarnates some time later. She has no control of it, and most of the time is not even aware of her previous reincarnations. Her time in the X-Men universe is unique because not only does she realize she has had past lives, but she finally remembers what started the entire thing in the first place. Here it goes:

Ana was originally the goddess Artemis (goddess of the hunt, animals, children and women). She was close to her brother Apollo (God of healing, light, music etc) but she was also close to a human named Orion. She fell in love with him, and he was quite fond of her in return. However, she had pledged to be a virgin so he took his "business" elsewhere. Heartbroken, her brother came to comfort her. However, Apollo was worried about his sister's purity and the threat of Orion taking advantage of her depression caused him to trick his sister. He challenged her to hit a target across an ocean. Since the twins were competetive with each other, she accepted even though she couldn't quite make out what the target was. It was Orion and of course she always hits her mark. To make sure that the blow was a killing one, Apollo had asked Gaia the Earth to send a scorpion to poison him previous to the challenge that Apollo had planned to make to his sister. Artemis was so affected by her murder of her love that she ran away from her immortality and the world she knew. She bound her powers and pretended to be human. Of course, since she technically is still immortal she reincarnates.

There is more to the story, but that's it in a nutshell. XD You can tell I'm crazy, right? I figured since Marvel has Thor...can't hurt right?

*ducks flying bricks thrown by comic book fans everywhere*
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