Libra Zodiac bleeding heart Picture

This is an idea I've been toyin around with for a while. I'm eventually going to do the others, but since I'm a Libra, Libra's getting done first damn it!
Since Libra is the scales for balance and all, and Anubis is the God of Judgment who weighs a persons heart against a feather to determine if they performed good deeds versus bad. I thought it would be neat to combine them and have the bleeding heart in balance with the feather. The myth goes that if your heart was heavier than a feather, you performed bad deeds. If your heart was lighter than the feather it meant you performed good deeds. Having them in balance is taking the good with the bad. Like I do every freakin' day
It didn't come out exactly the way I wanted it (nothing I do ever does), I wanted to draw a real bleeding heart to be a little graphic, but it ended up looking like a penis
More to come, keep on the look out for your zodiac sign! And don't do anything that would infringe copyright...
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