end.civ: Beast vs Man Picture

The Classic, ever-present and raging conflict of Man versus Beast. Despite all the blurred lines, these are oppository forces, unreconciliable poles.
The Man is human, an equalizing normative force, which manifest itself only through words, images and acts. It classificates because it is through classificating, through archetypes, stereotypes and not through personifications, that itself is manifested and therefore defined.
It acts to represent others - the human may at some time be classified in a gender binary, in a labor division (or specialization, as its supporters like to prey) and all in all as an identity - it classifies to control, it know something only when it is classified, accepted and spoken by a second pole - the mass it controls. It's petty, who seeks to control all others, but has never thought about the possibility of itself being controlled or driven by other forces, thus being a mere reproduction of someone else's will. That is because, as one who seeks representation, the human will only serve for such a purpose, to represent, not to being itself.

The Beast is the revelator, it is the unparallel power of ipseity through conflict, of revealing the equality of all through the difference of one another. It challenges the alterities and evokes the cerimonies and the inpalpable knowledge incapable of being transmitted. Erroneously dubbed as "instinct" by its opponent, it is rather the unknown, the very willpower which leads the individual in understanding it and the universe. It represents no one but itself (or not even it, as it can surely change its modus operandi and reconciliate or put in conflict the many intricate deities, potentialites and individualities it has/is), and as an un-manifested potential (existent not through words), it will never have an oath of civility and therefore will never be aided or supported by any democracy or 'cracy' at all, finding no place in modernity. By being itself, the beast is considered by its opponent as a 'non-being', for it not only knows representation is lacking, but that it's will and its being isn't shared by a mass.
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