Dorthy Endsen Picture

Dorthy Endsen: Ectype of Chaos, Immortal, Chronal

Dorthy is one of the few remaining Chronals alive. She and her family gained their powers, and their eventual immortality, through a deal made with one of the caretakers of the Universal Source Code.

Over time, Dorthy became infatuated with the (now ancient) civilizations of planet Earth. She was so in love with their simplistic way of life, that she even decided to save the sinking continent of Lemuria. With the power of the whole of her family, they were able to pluck the island continent right out of the universe, and place it in a relatively empty Realm where it would be safe.

After becoming an Ectype, Dorthy became fast friends with Currett, Dusk, and Rigga. The four females have been known for their meddling in other people's business. Though this habit can sometimes be rather obnoxious, the results are usually in everyone's favor.

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Species & Kingdoms of Necrospire (Chronal)
The Universe's Code and the Forces of Existence
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Dusk Hayz
Rigga Mournus
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