Is'Nana the Were Spider Picture

My new character, the son of Anansi. Hope to work on a comic concept for him very soon! Any artists interested in contributing an art piece?

His name is Is'nana, the Were-Spider and he is the son of the African God of Stories, Anansi. Crushed in his spider form, Anansi summons his son from the Outside Plane to help inspire people in his place. But Is'nana's travel to our world has caused a barrier to break, shifting reality and bringing forth horrors and it's now his duty to stop these horrors while searching for his father and helping people of the world break their mental walls.

Is'nana's "human form" is that of a fit black man in his late 20s, good looking. He usually likes to be in the nude due to being nude in his spider form but to fit in with humans, he wears African style clothing, and LOVES Dashikis. His hair is of a mohawk but with dread locks. He is very positive and likes to look at the bright side of things. He is very friendly, respectful, joyful, optimistic, and has a smile on his face.

Is'nana is a mix of human and spider and can alternate between human looking and spider appearances. Sometimes he'll have multiple spider eyes, fangs, extra legs coming out of his back or out of his sides, etc. His appearances and spider abilities should be limitless. Maybe at some points he'll just be a giant spider or maybe similar to Alucard from Hellsing, he'll break apart and become a group of spiders. To heal himself, spiders can just cover his wounds and become a part of him.

He often travels with his father, Anansi the Spider.

Is'nana, the Were-Spider © Gregory Anderson-Elysee
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