Grylis the Bat Goblin (close up)(SOLD) Picture

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Grylis, the little MadMinion you will not regret having, although he very much poses as a little adorable innocent bat goblin he very much acts like a growing puppy. awaiting his master to smile or make any notion of his existence he will continue to stare at you.

His most favorite spot is the shelf or a nice wooden desk with a office lamp hovering above him. Grylis enjoys staying up late and munching on corn nuts or the seeds of any fruit. Although he doesn't talk he stare alone will tell his master just what he wants. He is painted just like this to bring inspiration into its owners life and bring warm colors.

He is the only one of its kind, one of a kind, orginal, only one in the world. i will not be making anymore of this one. so get your hands on him now, he needs a home.

Grylis is completely hand made, hand sewn , hand painted. His face/claws are made from Oven baked clay while his cuffs are made of polymer fabric and loosely sewn around his arms, easily moveable to maneuver to place to his upper arm or lower it to his claws. one inch piece of thin wire like leather that poses as an earring.

His hair is faux fur brown. He's wearing a metal demonic lion pendant, along with buttoned beads around his furry little neck. Grylis is stuffed with soft polyfill, his butt has some plastic beads for stability while sitting. No armature, this is a floppy style doll.

While his painted bits are sealed in clear coat, please treat him with care. He can be handled and cuddled but is not meant for young children.

Grylis measures 10.5 tall from ears to toe.
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