godhunter: locked and loaded Picture

A character I created early on, sometime in college, though it took me a while to create a drawing of him that in a way that I felt fit the personality.
The "godhunter" (always spelled in lower-case) is a creature tasked with the hunting, capturing, or even elimination of rogue deities and demons. While obviously very much in the same vein as the usual hyper-violent anti-heroes that were popular in the comics and movies of the 1990s and early 2000s, I wanted to give the character some unusual abilities. Beyond being proficient in just about every kind of weapon ever dreamed of by god, devil, or man (and yes, I did envision him being "loaned" Thor's hammer, Mjölnir, in one adventure), the godhunter is also armed with a collection of souls of various warriors, which manifest as something like a mask over his face. This his supposed to be his "unmasked" look, showing him to be something like a scarecrow, as a being that was "created" rather than born in a natural sense. While the full-leather bodysuit is definitely inspired by "Edward Scissorhands", the idea was that it was actually its "skin", essentially holding together a creature without any real form or body at all.
Shows my love of fairly traditional black & white pencil drawing. The date places it on June 23, 2001.
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