The S.Oracle and P.Elthraanni Picture


The very first animal created in the Realm, transfigured from a queen army ant by Gaiacarra.
Also known as the Snake Queen, the Emerald Lady, Serpent of Serpents and the Prophetess of Myth.

The princess is the cat sitting on the step pyramid, by the way.

The pyramid is the known as the Skatski Temple to outsiders, named after the people that built it. It's about a kilometer high, as long as the Oracle, and is made of bronze and gold. There's a lot of gold in the jungle where it is. It's actually not a temple at all.

There are two races that fight to destroy and protect worlds- the Felenians and the Carrelians, respectively. The princess is a Carrelian. A jewel that looks like the one just over the doorway, must be reconstructed and placed within the temple. The gods have scattered fragments of it all across the Realm.

Once it is reconstructed, a Carrelian or a Felenian must touch it, and their race gains control of the universe. The other race has to leave. Seeing as how the Felenians absorb pain, terror, destruction and misery as food.. you'd best root for kitty down there.
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