24 - No Time Picture

EDIT: I just realised I never finished his hand! Fixed.

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24 - No Time

Rather more whimsical that I'm prone to, but I like it.

Here we have Riyi, who turned down the Goddess Alexandria on her one-in-a-million permitted days on Earth. Therefore she cursed him, firstly to never grow up (he was very young) and secondly, that he would very VERY slowly turn to stone.

Valokados, being much more powerful than the gods, removed the aging curse, but refuses to remove the stone curse until he learns the lesson she wants him to learn... and the curse is getting stronger. His bones are completely stone already, and most of his blood (as a water dragon there's a lot of water in his blood, hence he can still move). When his muscles begin to turn he'll be frozen in place. He needs to figure out this lesson, and time's running out...

One might almost say...

There's No Time!

(see what I did there?)

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