adalsysla pg 2 ch 4 Picture

oH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED FOR ALL THIS!! have this heavy text page, next page will be a lot of action to make up for it, as you might have guessed!! :---D
i had a lot of fun drawing this page. angry/scared säde is incredibly fun to draw i think i could do it all day
i've been listening to so much paabel ( [link] from their newest album!! i couldnt find my favorite song off the album so i took the first one from their official channel huuhuhuhu) it's not even funny. to be honest, paabel was one of my main inspirations to start this story in the first place and i am very proud of that!! they're probably my favorite estonian band and i've run out of fingers to count the live performances of theirs that i've been to. not all of their songs are available on youtube but if you're interested in hearing more from them, note me!!

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