Dance with me, Butterfly Picture

Sara's mouth curved into a pouty little frown. "Are you gonna be mad at me all night?"

Kyden blew a puff of air at her, messing up her bangs. “Come on, let’s dance.”

His hands felt cool against the heated skin of her back, which was a little too exposed in his opinion. Did he like touching her? Hell yeah. But what he could see, so could every other guy in the room. That didn't sit so well with him.

Quoted from Sealer's Promise.

Who Is This?: Sarena, Protector of the Moon Prince and Kyden, the God of Plagues.

What's Going On?: The image here isn't actually for the text I quoted above. That was just the closest thing I could find in my book. This scene would be more likely to take place in the sequel.

How Did I Do This?: I started with this base [link] by Chickenmilk-Pixels and then added all of the details, coloring, etc. in MS Paint. (Yes, it's six years and I am still using Paint. I really should buy an art program.)

All in all I am happy with how this came out. Kyden actually looks like a guy, which is always the part of designing a couple that makes me want to bonk my head against the wall. I'm pretty excited to try my hand at some more of these.
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