Paynal vs. Ymer Picture

Cuetzpalin Paynal, paramilitary strategist and leader of several anarchist militia throughout Tredius, had dwell through his present allegiances into the troubled realm of Nornland, where the Asgardian rebellion took place against the United Nations for the defense of the territory of woods known as Alfheimr. With their main supporter, Prince Fafnir Hreidmarsson going astray, and the United Nations' military in full support for the landlord and businessman Regin in buying and using Alfheimr, the Asgardian rebellion received, even unwillingly, the armed presence of Paynal and one of his fellow anarchist-inspired paramilitary activist group, the "Necoc Yaotl", in their lands. While they helped Asgardians on their struggle, it was up for Paynal himself to investigate the suspect relations of the United Nations with a Nornland-based service of genetic manipulation, in a coallition with the Jötunn Scientific Organization.

The disappear of Fafnir, by the way, deals with the realm of Hel detained by the Jötunn. Solving mysteries as he traversed through Hel, a series of frozen caves from the northeastern shores of Midgard, Paynal faced his nemesis, Ymer, the Spirit of Cold and one of the nine who came into being, now head of the Jötunn Scientific Organization, a millennia-old institution of bounty hunting scientists specialized in genetical manipulation that not only have been majorly responsible for the development of the humans but also mostly of their food.
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