Son of Zeus Picture

Poking some fun at the ending of Clash of the Titans. I actually drew this a few years back and never uploaded it, so this is a new version.

The thing that motivates Perseus throughout the movie is the fact his foster parents and sister were killed by a god. Getting even with that god is literally THE ONLY REASON Perseus does ANYTHING in the movie. In the end, Zeus wants to reward his son for his heroics and who does he bring back to life? The chick who already lived for hundreds of years without aging.

It's true that this scene takes place in the site where his family died, it starts with Perseus overlooking the sea (his family drowned) and later he echoes something he told his father in the beginning ("I got everything I need right here"), so this could be interpreted as him getting over his family's death, which makes it okay for Zeus not to bring them back. But it also still seems like Perseus is just happy that he's about to get some pussy.

And to make things even better, she dies again like a year later, before the sequel even starts.
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