Vasmordia Picture

Yet another conversion of one of my old character portrait mods for the PC game Neverwinter Nights. Vasmordia has become quite the surreal painting since her inception. She is supposed to be the youngest daughter of the God of the Underworld, raised in the mortal world and not knowing of her true origins. When she finds a magical gauntlet that grants its' wearer the power of the God of the Underworld himself, she is transported back to face her father. She then wrests the throne of the Underworld from him and becomes the new Goddess of Death in his place. This was a far more elaborate back story for her than what I had in mind when I first created her. I wanted to capture her infernal essence with a slightly fiendish gleam in her eye and a mischievous look on her face. I saw her as being the type not just to slay her victims, but to play a game of cat and mouse with them first before slaying them and claiming their souls for her kingdom. She is evil, but she is also somewhat childish since she was still very young when she found the gauntlet and became immortal, thus robbing herself of the chance to grow up fully. So there you have the full story behind this painting.
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