SnB character submission: Cecil Lloyd Picture

Name: Brother Cecil Lloyd

Silvers: 1

- Silver spends;
2 Silvers to Animal form.
1 Silver to Autojoin Cino
1 Silver to Humanity: Arms
1 Silver to Were: Survival Instincts
1 Silver to Cino: Exorcism
1 Silver to Were: Learned Eloquence
1 to Were: Through Scent Alone 1
1 to Animal: Stray Dog 1
1 to Animal: Grimm Persistence 1
1 to Mystic: Alchemy 1
1 to Mystic: Awakened 1
2 to Were: At-Will Shifting rank 3

Bones per Scene: 6

Clan name: Cinophali

Status: Member (Assassin/grunt.)

Order name: (when/if they belong to one)

Pack name: (when/if they belong to one)

Werespecies: Wolf-Timber

Forms: Animal

Rage Form: Wereform

Age or DOB: 21-ish

Complexion: Pale-ish, but not skim milk.

Gender: Male

Eye color: Icy blue.

Hair color/style: Pure white
(Transformed)Fur/scale color/pattern: Pure white with no markings.

Build: Cecil is tall for his race(inuit), and leutistic. This means his hair and eyes are pale. At most he is blonde, at worst its pure white. Despite his height, Cecil is nowhere near as threathening as he should be when not wearing his robe. He is all skin and bone, with sunken eyes from watch turns that easily span through the night into day. Pale hair is cropped short and blue eyes shine under his hood often with feral glow. Dressing in his benedict robe, Cecil gets called Silas a lot, a comment one might not want to make near his earshot. As he is tall and thin, Cecil prefers blades, poisons and traps to direct combat. He has some wiry muscle to him, however.
(Transformed) Build: One might think all that height would create a very scary looking were. In a way, one might be right. Unfortunately, Cecil is underweight and not exactly the most robust of wolves. His ears are longer than normal, and so he has gotten called coyote-face few times. To compensate for being a pure white blue eyed mess of bones and fur, Cecil's teeth and claws are very sharp.

Height: 7'0''
(Transformed) Height: 10ft

Personality: Cold, silent, reclusive. Cecil prefers to leave outsiders, especially humans, out of his life with his creepy silence. He does this out of a habit, as he grew up often mocked for his strange looks and a huge want to be seen as normal. Beneath the ice, Cecil is not really that cold, he cares deeply for those that manage to get past his mask and he has a sense of humour to him, surprisingly. In a way, he protects himself with his mask, from harm to his soul.
Cecil is also, strange for his clan, entirely comfortable with being a werewolf. Having been born one, he has no bones to pick with other wolves about being damned unless they go around with devil horns and pitchforks. Instead of hating his species, Cecil's fear is more spiritual. He is hungry, because he fears sating that hunger will bring the Wendigo out of him. Despite his rather massive ignorance of his own culture, Cecil knows of the myth and sees himself in it. The wolf refuses to eat any human,wolf or werewolf flesh. Despite this, he is not a vegan, eating deer and other prey animals instead.

Because he is physically weak, Cecil is an extremely underhanded hunter and killer. Blades, garrotte, traps, poisons, he uses all these with skill. However, Cecil doesn't go out his way to kill other werewolves if it was up to him, rather he is ordered to do so more often than not. Even then, Cecil vastly prefers scaring to killing. Being a silent type to most wolves and people, Cecil keeps his opinions of his wolf to himself, a trait that serves him well in Cino. As benefitting for a monk, Cecil is celibate. Only lucky thing beside his wolf is, that he is also asexual, though not aromantic, much to his annoyance. He pays penance for his sins with fasting and doing long guardshifts.

Cecil in his wereskin is less a snarling predator and more like a wild wolf. He is careful around strange wolves, though never lifting his tail up, knowing his place. His Hunger is that, literal hunger for flesh, it is something Cecil has experienced only fwe times, but fears to death.

Background: Born to a pair of old fashioned inuit werewolves in the deepest wildernesses of Canada, Cecil's father was of particularly heinous fame. He was called 'Wendigo', a cannibalistic spirit in local mythology. And he lived up to this nickname.

So it was no surprise that eventually, Wendigo met his fate in the claws of Cino wolves. His mate tried to escape, but got hit by a car. Poor Cecil, only few weeks old, was taken into a good and catholic orphanage.

Of course, being leutistic, a trait Cecil inherited from his father, made things hard in addition to his race. Cecil still took to his faith extremely strongly, it serving as a comforting factor in his life. Despite the teasing he got from his strange looks, Cecil also isolated himself on purpose not to get hurt. This affected even his basketball team, which he joined in order to get into the college to study theology.

Eventually, however, he had to face his Change. And it came as bloody and disturbing as one might expect. Taking a walk with his friend from seminary, Cecil for whatever reason, lost control and ate his friend. He escaped into the woods, fearing what he had become.

Only, after the intial shock faded, Cecil felt almost relieved. Yes, he was a werewolf, but nobody had bit him. And it was calming to just trapipse in the woods, hunting.

Eventually, Cecil returned to Yukon. A good boy he was, he went to confess his sins to a local priest. Only to be drafted into Cinocephali. At first as simply a missionary. But given Cecil's lack of social grace, he was trained to hunt. Cecil took time to join the benedict order and on the side learn of less direct methods of killing from fellow werewolf monks who had chosen to not indulge their wolf and instead kill through blade, poison or trap.

But, underneath it all, he did not feel he was damned. At least, not in a way that the others seemed to growl and howl about. Cecil had heard of his father's fate, and so he knew of the monster that lived inside of him. Not the wolf, but the Hunger. The wolf Cecil embraced easily, being a loner all his life through being weird, having a 'pack' brought him the community he needed.

Random Facts:
Used to play basketball at school, hence his high jumps from an otherwise ragged body.

Carries 12 knives on his person most often when around other werewolves. None of these are silver, but all are sharp.

Given he is leutistic, Cecil has difficulty seeing in bright sunlight.

Wears gloves so often it is rare to see his hands, some Cino rumour that Cecil has some mark of shame there (there is none, he just wants to be clean from all the blood he sheds)


Arms (Rank 1)


At-Will Shifting
Survival Instincts
Learned Eloquence
Through Scent Alone

Stray Dog
Grimm Persistence

Character Use: Cecil can be used for most stuff, but it is important to know that he is asexual and a monk, sexual situations are not okay for him. He is romantic though, once you break through his shell. Killing him is forbidden and he will rarely kill another werewolf. Cecil will never eat human,wolf or Werewolf flesh.

Descriptions for alternate forms (when obtained). This applies to all alternate forms, so make a new list for every form you unlock.:

Form: Animal-Wolf

Eye color: Icy blue

Height: 4ft on shoulders

Build: Very thin and raw boned, resembling a greyhound wolf cross.

Fur/scale color/pattern: Grayish white, with no darker markings other than visible darker skin on his snout.

Abilities: Stray Dog, Grimm Persistence

Misc.: Very fast, very agile. Extremely shitty at taking hits.
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