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These days I was thinking about what my favorite Anime were, and I established five of them: The first is Saint Seiya, the first Anime I watched in my life, begining on 1994 when I was twelve. The second is Yu Yu Hakusho, which I started watching on 1997 when I was fifteen. The third is Dragon Ball Z, which I started to watch on 2000 as I was eighteen. Then, one year later later, I watched Digimon Adventure 01. Roughly two years later, I came upon Yu-Gi-Oh. Next I thought what was my favorite saga of each one, and why that was the case. This is what I came up with:

Saint Seiya - Asgard Saga: This was the saga that got permanently hooked on Norse Mythology and its characters.

Yu Yu Hakusho - Chapter Black Saga: All because of Sensui, with whom I identify due to him turning heel turn towards Demons, and how Humanity is dirty.

Dragon Ball Z - Androids & Cell Saga: It was this saga that introduced Future Trunks. After I saw Future Trunks for the first time, my clothing style changed forever.

Digimon Adventure 01 - Myotismon arc: It was this arc that showed firsthand what happens if a Digimon is killed in the Human World, which turned things more tragic, especially when Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon, and later Wizardmon are killed off with no return.

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Duelist Kingdom: Mainly because the dub in the original episodes is better.

After I listed those sagas, I made my mind into watching each of these Anime in the order they were released (Dragon Ball Z in 1985, Saint Seiya in 1986, Yu Yu Hakusho in 1990, Yu-Gi-Oh! in 1996, Digimon Adventure 01 in 2001). Having recently finished watching the Dragon Ball Z episodes, this week I am watching Saint Seiya, and so I decided to upload a new Saint Seiya OC, this time focused on Saint Seiya Ω. To the character.

Title: The Hound of the Sanctuary, The Most Loyal Silver Saint
Romaji: Kanisumayoru no Haundo
Classification: Silver Saint
Armor: Canis Major Cloth
Constellation: Canis Major
Attribute of the Cosmo: Earth
Deity: Athena
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthdate: February 3, 1982
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Germany
Training Place: Alsace, France
Master: Geki

Hound is a type of dog normally used in hunts. This is a nod to the fact that most of Hound's moves involve tracking and capture.

Appearance Hound has a long black mullet, wich partially covers his left eye. His eyes are light blue. When not wearing his cloth he is usually dressed in a black short-sleeve tunic, black whristbands, and white jeans. After the meteor's fall, he constantly wears his diamond-shaped red Cloth Stone around his neck as a pendant, since his Cloth Stone converts in a similar marking on the chest of his Cloth.

Hound is a calm and serene person. He is just, despises anything evil, especially treason, and has an undying loyalty to both Athena and his friends, putting their needs before his. A kind-hearted individual, he is laid back and at ease with everyone, but his one flaw is that he is prone to violent outbursts of rage when something pisses him, usually going physical. His greatest trait is his lack of greed. He feels no need to have much money, and would rather spend it to help his loved ones. He is also very humble, honest and helpful.

Hound was raised in a cabin in the mountains of southern Germany by his parents, having been raised in a humble upbringing. When he was eleven, he and his family were attacked by a nearby wolf while hunting in the woods. Amidst the despair, Hound first elevated his cosmo, and killed the wolf with a single punch. This act was witnessed by Geki the Bear Bronze Saint. Hound was later sought after by Geki, who explained everything about Athena, the Saints and the cosmo, and convinced Hound's parents that the boy should go with him to receive formal education to become a Saint.

Hound travelled with Geki to Alsace, France, where the Canis Major Cloth, which Geki believed Hound was destined to posess, was now located after being repaired by Kiki like the other vacant Silver Cloths. Hound's training was arduous and very difficult, but after seven years he finally earned the Canis Major Cloth after successfully finding a predetermined target.

The Arrival of Mars
With his training complete, now an accomplished Silver Saint, Geki felt that Hound was ready for some action, and so both, master and student headed for battle as the God of War Mars had just arrived to challenge Athena. Being present during the battle, fighting alongside the Legendary Saints Sagittarius Seiya, Libra Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, Andromeda Shun and Phoenix Ikki, Hound was one of the first to have both his cosmo and Cloth altered by the collision between Apsu's Darkness and Athena's Light. With his Cloth now converted in a Cloth Stone, and his cosmo converted into the element of Earth, Hound embarked on a dangerous mission to spy on Mars at the Tower of Babel, along with three other Saints: Rei, a Japanese girl who was a year bellow him, who was the Altar Silver Amazon, able to control the Seikishiki in order to send her victims to Yomotsu Hirasaka, the gateway to the Underworld; Jinorasa, a sixteen-year-old Indonesian girl who was the Lotus Silver Amazon, whose moves involved Hindi and Buddhist concepts; and Azimuth, a Greek fourteen-year-old boy who was the Triangulum Silver Saint, whose power enabled him to control the dimensions.

Cosmo: As one of Athena's Saints, Hound uses the cosmo as energy source. Due to his status as a Silver Saint, he has better control of it than Bronze Saints, though he haven't reached the Seventh Sense like the Gold Saints. His element is Earth.
High Speed: As a Saint, Hound can shoot many attacks in less than a second, being able to reach Mach 2.
Tracking: While training at Palaestra, Hound specialized in hunting and capturing of his enemies, so he developed great tracking instincts, to the point of earning the nickname "the Hound of the Sanctuary".

Great Mountain Smasher: A move inherited from his predecessor, Sirius, Hound hits his opponent furiously in Mach 2 with his fist immersed in his blue cosmo.
Trap Hole (Otoshiana): Hound focuses his cosmo on his left fist, and with it shoots a Cosmo blast that reduces the ground under his opponent to deep hole. This move is normally used to capture weak targets.
Headhunter's Pursuing Claw (Heddohantā Tsuikyū no Kurō): Hound's signature move, he punches the ground, and unleashes a number of seismic ruptures, the number equal to the number of targets. Once the rupture hits the target, the target is pulled underground, with only its head in the surface.

Character created through Anime Character Maker 2.2
Saint Seiya belongs to Masami Kuomada.

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