Batibat Picture

When certain trees are felled and used as support posts, they sometimes carry a vengeful spirit. This demonic entity is called a batibat. The batibat is a disgusting creature that resembles a grotesquely fat woman with four over-gorging bellies. It normally resides within the post in a spirit-like form. However, when a person sleeps near the vicinity of the post, the batibat manifests into its true physical form.

Awaken by the breathing of a sleeping person, the batibat will place its entire obese self over the sleeping individual. With the massive girth of the batibat all over them, the individual not only suffocates but also experiences terrifying nightmares. Eventually, the individual dies due to the weight and the nightmares. In the morning, only a lifeless corpse is found with no sign of the batibat was ever around. Because the batibat often leaves no trace of its crime, many people thus attribute it to the cause of people who mysteriously died via Sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome. The only way to ward off a batibat is to bite one's thumb or wiggle their toes thus awakening from the nightmares caused by it. Batibat have no power over those that are awake. This method however is usually very hard to do due the extreme circumstances.


*The Batibat comes from Filipino folklore [link]
*Gave her four stomachs for my interpretation
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