Hellsing: Two Tribes (Fan art) Picture

Once I had a fan fiction story concept, something like a "sequel" for the original Hellsing. The concept is unlikely to ever be implemented, however, I've somehow done a "cover" page for the Prologue.

About the fic:
In Two Tribes, main opponents of the Order of the Royal Protestant Knights became a Soviet research group "Nova" - to wider community better known for its administrative branch - the Emergency Committee (ГКЧП). However, the true face of the Emergency Committee is significantly different from its "shadow" that supposedly "go down" the country in 1991. De facto, the collapse of the Soviet Union was something similar to the sacrifice of the queen in a chess game in order to inflict the inevitable checkmate-in-two-stroke.
"Nova", in contrast to the fascist "Millennium", is not purely military organization. Its purpose, to some extent, is opposed: the study of "xenophysic" phenomena (mythical or semi-mythical events and artifacts, that"violate" one way or another generally accepted model of the Physical world) to use it for the benefit of the socialist camp and the Humanity at large. But aren't those people "playing the gods"? .. The ancient relics, concealing the great power of bygone civilizations, carry also a terrible destructive force, and access to the secrets of the universe, uncomprehansible to the human mind ...
The action of the novel takes place in different places around globe - from the Foggy Albion and to the Arctic and the deserts of Egypt. In an attempt to stop the monstrous force, tearing out of the abyss of timelessness that "Nova" for one reason or another tends to return to the world of living, Seras and her immortal master, now with the ability to ubiquitous (or nearly ubiquitous ..) Schrödinger cat will start in a race against time to find and neutralize presumptuous bunch of obsessed mortals. However, the case may be by no means as simple as appears at first sight - whether the "Nova" is a cause, or just a consequence? .. Does it stand for the unknown forces beyond this world, or it's just arrogant little people, messing with unknown, and, not even knowing why, approaching the end of times? ..

About the pic:
The "cover page" depicts the head of the "Nova» circa 200X year, as he arrived at the ruins of London just after the end of the original "Hellsing" in order to meet his old friend and "colleague" - already known to us, Lieutenant General Robert Walsh - about what narrates the prologue. The boy next to him - the future head of "Nova» circa 203X, later - the antagonist of the whole story.
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