Xolotl Picture

The dog-like Xolotl is an entity which awoke from one of the five main Vovin Crystals, the Huang Long ("yellow dragon" in Chinese, associated to the Earth element), known by the Aztec Confederates as Nemontemi Stone. As one of the crystals which have originated from the Ater Adamantis and its destruction by Hydros' Trident, the Nemontemi Stone is a primordial stone of an occult element, which causes the earth to join and thus is able to manipulate land masses and cause earthquakes.

Xolotl was born with the sacrifice of a whole village, that of Apanoayan, in Aztlán's underworld, by an Ixiptlatli, Xipe Totec. This sacrifice transferred all the vital energies of the residents to the stone, awaking a creature out of it, who came to be Xolotl. This sacrifice earned Xipe Totec regarding among the Teteoh of Aztlán, himself becoming a Teotl, associated to the spring time and human sacrifice.

Despite coming into being because of the Teteoh and being placed as a guardian to the underworld, Xolotl's allegiances are never well established, and when awaken it often roam aimlessly bringing destruction wherever it goes. Xolotl is a powerful entity and trade souls and independence of people for (al)chemical prowess, offering them power over earth in exchange of their lives. Some of those who dealt with Xolotl did it willingly, but some like the young San Brandonian designer & illustrator Wilhelm, have been tricked into dealing what they didn't know.

After centuries, the Nemontei Stone has been possession of Huitzopoca, one of the Nine who came into being, the god of wind, war and blood sacrifices, the eternal warrior who's never been defeated and one of the major responsible for the curse placed upon mortals, the heterotrophy which made whole generations to lack self sufficiency. It's been disputed by rivals from the Ors Ohorela and later stolen by Xbalenque, a rebel from altepetl Chicomoztoc who successfully released Cipactli, destroying much of the plan of Aztlán in the process. Wilhelm has gained possession over the stone in 2012, and used the powers it granted to replace his Cuetzpalin powers, which further use would make him inhuman. In the same year, he's been tricked by Xbalenque's brother, Hunahpu, to make a covenant with Xolotl, for Hunahpu intended to use him as a mean to know about his lost brother. When Wilhelm found out of the deal, the advantage was that with the stone in his hands, as the stone is the medium to Xolotl come into being, he seized the independence of Xolotl. But will it be in his possession for long? With time, will Xolotl break free and Wilhelm cease to be, or they'll find a way to collaborate and keep both of them alive, even if depending on each other's lives?
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