Rough Comic page 7 Picture

i dunno this was gonna be the page were they get into the mythlogy though i dont know exactly the number but anyways i was gonna treat it like a stain glass . on the top left Marduk top right chuck bottom left Verdina bottom right shinima. if your interested in the comic theres 2 pages with dialoge in my gallery anyways hope you enjoy.

*Update* now gonna be page seven in the comic . and this is the text to go in it when i get around to finnishing the inking i started but i havent finnished
"Marduk made the burning underworld, where none but the strongest could live.
Chuck made the heavens, where the beautiful immortals live.
Verdina made the earth, and all live on it. Elves, humans, dwarfs, and all animals and races.
With the help of her father, Shinima made the world for the souls. The places of judgment and rewarding were made in this world, and all peoples from the worlds created by the three came here after death."
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