Lady of the Moon Picture

This is a watercolor finished on 3-11-2004. 12x9 120lb cold pressed paper

“Lady of the Moon” is the twin sister of “The Lightbringer” one of my other paintings. She is the opposite of all that is her sister. Her sister is warmth and she is coolness, her sister is bright, she is darkness. I masked her face, thinking it would be an interesting thing to do since she is hidden from us quite often. Her gown is also down in a traditional Greek fashion but again, different than her sister’s. I wound her hair up and placed twigs of night stretching out to hold stars and miniature moons away from her. As though she were constantly creating them perhaps.

In her hand rests a star instead of a ball of fire. And while the conception I really like, my technique has a lot to be desired. One thing I do like on how I did it was the haloed background just like that you can see from the moon at night sometimes.
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