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My Sweet little Milo. Just Adopted him c:

Verse: Earth
Date: July 25th, 2014

Full Name: Mylo
Pronunciation: My-low/ Milo
Nickname/Alias: Tester, Machrey, Rey, Arch
Meaning: Merciful
Origin: Liked the name
Title: N/a
Pet Name: Sister him Li and kid.
ID Number: Experiment number 25602
Signature: Pawprint

Gender: Male
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 10 years in human
Age Appearance: 4 years in dog
Birthday: Unknown
Deathday: Death as a living mortal creature, August 18th, 1944
Birthplace: Unknown
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Zodiac Sign: Unknown

Immediate Family: Raised by Scientists
Distant Family: Catalyst, and Clockwork
Parenting: Unknown, though the scientists were cruel
Upbringing: Kill or be killed.
Infancy: Mylo remembers next to nothing of the time before he was taken by the scientists. All he remembers was playing on the rocks by a stream with his siblings, and he fell in. He woke up in the lab.
Childhood: Mylo was put through rigorous training to prepare him for the experiments. He would go hungry every other week, run daily, and fight other animals, or risk being shocked with an electrical rod.
Adolescence: This is when the experiments began, giving him his wild bloodlust side, as well as how he stopped aging.
Adulthood: Mylo broke out of the lab
Coming of Age: While living in the lab, Mylo had to learn some harsh lessons, making him grow up to fast, even for his puppyish size.
Evolution: When he was younger, Mylo use to be very shy and sweet. He tried to make friends with many of the lab animals, only to get left in a broken pile. He did make one friend, who's name was Takine, who was a lion cub. Scientists noticed their unusual friendship, and monitored it for a while. When they grew bored of it, they pitted Mylo and Takine against each other. Takine lost, and lost his life. It was in that fight that Mylo lost his sight, and had to grow dependent on hearing and scent

Species: Canine

Ethnicity: N/a
Blood Type: Type O
Preferred Hand: Strongest with his right
Facial Type: Kinda Diamond
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color Fur color is light tanish
Hairstyle: shaggy
Skin Tone: N/a
Complexion: N/a
Makeup: N/a
Body Type: Unknown
Build: Muscular
Height: 9in
Weight: n/a
Cup Size: N/a
Facial Hair: n/a
Shoe Size: N/a
Birthmarks/scars: Over his nose, and along the side of his muzzle are scars from fights

Distinguishing Features: His markings are almost tribal like, with greyish green and blue.

Health: Fairly healthy
Energy: Alot of pent up energy
Memory: He has a very good memory, although it bothers him that he can't remember before the lab. He remembers things like paths, rocks, tree branches.
Senses: His sense of smell, and his hearing are stronger than others.
Allergies: N/a
Handicaps: Blind in both eyes
Medication: N/a
Phobias: Electricity, cages, needles, the smell of anesthetic, and being around a large group of animals.
Addictions: Blood. He loves fighting, and the smell and taste of blood
Mental Disorders: Paranoia, and thinks he sees Takine following him.

Style: Wild, dangerous.
Mode of Dress: N/a
Grooming: In between, not dirty, but shaggy.
Posture: Sly, almost sweet, but dangerous.
Gait: Quick and very lilth
Coordination: Coordination is good, so long as he knows whats around him.
Habits and Mannerisms: Claws at the ground alot.
Scent: Normally associated with spice and pine trees.

Mood: Normally in his leave me alone mood.
Attitude: Very Snarky and sarcastic if not dangerous
Stability: Pretty constant
Expressiveness: Hide
When Happy: Lets out a small smile, and flicks his tail more
When Depressed: Lays down, normally hidden, flattens his ears and stares outside.
When Angry: Generally will rip anything that moves to shreds.
Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Current Residence: He roams
Community: Those who know him are scared.
Family: Parents Unknown, two siblings he doesn't remember, Catalyst and Clockwork
Friends: He hasn't found anyone yet
Enemies: Scientists and humans in general
Bosses: No one but himself
Followers: Anyone he barks at.
Heroes: No one
Rivals: No rival yet
Relates to: N/a
Pets/Familiars: N/a

Wardrobe: n/a

Equipment: Claws and teeth.
Accessories: When going into bloodlust, his pattern changes.
Trinkets: Has a small pendate around his neck, that belonged to Takine
Funds: n/a
Home: Woods mostly
Neighborhood: The animals mostly stay away from him
Transportation: walks
License Plate Number: n/a
Collections: No
Most valuable possession: Valueless
Prized Possession: Takine's necklace

Lovers: n/a

Marital Status: Single
Sex Life: n/a
Type: Unknown
Turn-Ons: Submissive, caring, brave.
Turn Offs: Weak, timid.
Position: Dom
Plays: n/a
Fetishes: Unknown
Virginity: none
Element: Fire

Occupation: Hunter
Work Ethnic: Very hard working
Rank: n/a
Income: N/a
Wealth Status: N/a
Experience: Use to be used as a labrat
Organizations/Affiliations: N/a

IQ: Unknown, but highly intelligent
Education: unknown
School: Taught mostly physical
Grade: Good enough to stay alive
Special Education: unknown
Social Stereotype: Brute
Degrees: N/a
Intelligence: Mental and physical
Extracurricular Activities: N/a

Religion: N/a
Morals: Kill or be killed, its you against the world. But pups, or young animals are spared.
Crime Record: Killer.
Motivation: Blood
Priorities: The necklace, His life, a pups life,
Philosophy: No ones going to look out for you except you.
Political Party: N/A
Etiquette: Bad
Culture: N/a
Influences: Sometimes a pup.
Relates to: N/a
Traditions: Says goodnight and goodmorning to the necklace.
Superstitions: Draws a dirt line in front of a cave entrance when sleeping in one.

Main Goal: Filled with hate and revenge. Wants to make sure pups don't end up like him
Minor Goals/Ambitions: Find peace with himself over Takine
Career: Unknown
Desires: Deep down, just a friend, and Takine back.
Wishlist: N/a
Accomplishments: Escaping
Greatest Achievement: Escaping
Biggest Failure: Killing Takine
Secrets: He's lonely
Regrets: Killing his only friend
Worries: Unkown
Best Dream: Takine to be alive
Worst Nightmare: Takine to be alive, but hate him.
Best Memories: Mylo gave a soft yip, pouncing on Takines back and nipping his ear. Takine laughed, shaking him off, before laying down. "Hey Mylo....think we'll ever get out of here?" He asked softly. Mylo paused, before grinning. "Duh, when we're older and bigger, i'll break us out. You won't ever have to worry about fighting again. I'll protect you!"
Worst Memories: They faced each other eyes sad. Takine was shaking, his tail tip flicking. After a moment Mylo's eyes narrowed. It was this, or they both die. At leasy this way, it'd be quick. "M-mylo....? What are you doi-ACH" Mylo tried to ignore Takines gurgling and weak flailing as he bite deep into his jugular. Finally he stepped back. "I'm sorry my were to sweet for this was this, or a long painful death..."

Hobbies/Interests: hunt
Skills/Talents: Excellent fighter
Likes: Testing his abilities
Dislikes: scaring pups
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic
Pet Peeves: Whining
Superstitions/Beliefs: Superstitious about spirits
Dreams/Nightmares: Takines last breath
Quirks: Sleeps with his tail between his ears alot.
Savvy: fighting
Can't understand: kindness
Closet Hobby: Watching water
Guilty Pleasure: unknown
Refers to negative personality traits, not a weakness. Make sur
Strengths: Strength, courage
Flaws: Lies, short temper, overly confident.
Perception: Dark
Conflicts: Revenge
Instincts: To draw blood from others
Lures: As stated above, blood.
Soft Spot: Pups, and Takine,
Cruel Streak: Weakness, betrayal, and humans.

Powers/Abilities: When in bloodrage form, his markings change slightly, and he can no longer age (does not mean he can no longer die)
Origin: Scientific experiments.
Source: Bloodrage is drawn from the markings
Ability: Not well, still can't control Bloodrage
Weaknesses: Pups, His necklace.
Immunities: He cannot age, there for cannot die of old age.
Restrictions: Still killable. Cannot chose when to go bloodrage.
Alternate Forms: Dark side. His fur goes darker shades, and the circular spots turn more into a flame shaped spots.
Extra Anatomy: N/a

Favorite Colors: Mint green.
Favorite Animals: He likes pups
Favorite Mythological Creatures: N/a
Favorite Places: woods
Favorite Landmarks: N/a
Favorite Flavors: He likes vole. Alot.
Favorite Foods: Vole, Mouse, and rabbit
Favorite Drinks: Water
Favorite Characters: N/a
Favorite Genre: N/a
Favorite Books: N/a
Favorite Movies: N/a
Favorite Games:n/a
Favorite Shows:n/a
Favorite Music:n/a
Favorite Bands:n/a
Favorite Songs:n/a
Favorite Sports:n/a
Favorite Stores:n/a
Favorite Subjects:n/a
Favorite Numbers:6
Favorite Websites: n/a
Favorite Words: Darling, doll.
Favorite Quotations: "You'll either live, you'll die. in the end though, option 2 will be a mercy compared to what they put us through in here" -Kage, a labdog.

Least Favorite Colors: Bright colors like yellow
Least Favorite Animals: Humans
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: N/a
Least Favorite Places: Labs
Favorite Landmarks: n/a
Least Favorite Flavors:n/a
Least Favorite Foods:n/a
Least Favorite Drinks: Coon
Least Favorite Characters:n/a
Least Favorite Genre:n/a
Least Favorite Books:n/a
Least Favorite Movies: n/a
Least Favorite Games:n/a
Least Favorite Shows:n/a
Least Favorite Music:n/a
Least Favorite Bands:n/a
Least Favorite Songs:n/a
Least Favorite Sports:n/a
Least Favorite Stores:n/a
Least Favorite Subjects:n/a
Least Favorite Numbers: odd numbers
Least Favorite Websites:n/a
Least Favorite Words: unknown
Least Favorite Quotations: "You'll be fine, and you'll get over this"

Languages: animal?
Accent: rough, though un-placeable.
Voice: low
Speech Impediments: n/a
Greetings and Farewells: Allo there doll....
State of Mind: Bloody fucking peachy. Screw off.
Compliment: Look've got
Insult: Listen here you fucking crowfood piece of shit. If you want to get to those pups, make it through me.
Expletive: For fucks sake..
Laughter: Chuckles
Tag Line: Fucking hell...
Signature Quote: Its kill or be killed kid. Better learn the rules fast.

Reputation: He's a danger to everyone.
First Impressions: Creepy, but not dangerous due to his coloring.
Stranger Impressions: Exaggeration of his danger.
Friendly Impressions: He's fairly sweet, just protective.
Enemy Impressions: Failed experiment, very dangerous and unstable. Shoot and kill on sight.
Familiar Impressions: He wouldn't hurt anyone unless he was forced to
Compliments: Brave when it comes to pups
Insults: He's a mutt thats a danger to anyone around him.
Self-Impression: You're a know you are.....only a monster murders innocents, kills their bestfriend..

MBTI Personality Type: Unknown
Temperament: n/a
Enneagram: The hunter
Ego/Superego/Id: Unconscious desire for revenge in bloodbath
The Self: is hatred for the scientists and their experiments, which put him and Takine both through high amounts of pain.
The Shadow: Mercy, love.
The Anima/Animus: Unknown?
Persona/Mask: Mask

Role: Vigilante
Fulfillment: Well but in the wrong manner
Significance: In the grand scheme, he doesn't.
Alignment: Chaotic
Comparison: N/a
Symbol: Broken wings
Song: N/a atm
Vice: Wrath
Virtue: Diligence
Defining Moment: Takines spirit visits him, giving him peace.
Tropes: His darkside probably. The whole bloodlust thing
Originality: He isn't insane, or supersweet. He's just normal, with a bad background and a hell of a fetish for blood
One Word: Lost
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