Laroca Provinces Map -- Llander_Island_Sondast Picture

This is one of the islands in the province Llander in my fantasy country, Laroca.

Main cities in Llander:
Jisai, Afet, Vave
Small towns in Llander:
Skendar, Jasuna, Uvon, Parhy, Yelai
Landscape for Llander:
Llander is a series of islands that are located beside Biras on the sea
There’s 3 islands: X-ran-ie, Loun and Sondast
The islands don’t have ponds, rivers, creeks, lakes etc, etc, etc. The only water they have is the sea water
The people have to import fresh water to drink from other provinces
They can grow any kind of crop here except for crops that can only be grown in Oyomi
The islands have plenty of plant life
Can be chilly at times
Mostly a warm place

What city and small towns are located on the island Sondast?
Small Towns:Skendar and Yelai
What is the city of Vave known for?
Vave is mostly a vacation house town. Many people buy vacation houses here and stay there for holidays. For the people who actually live there, they focus their education on real estate, which is way there are many schools there that teach it. Vave is also known for their shrine of their God.
What are the small towns known for?
The small towns aren’t really known for much, except for the small town on Loun because they farm just like the city does. The small towns are usually known for the same things the other small towns in all of are Laroca known for.
What God/Goddess do the people of Llander believe in?
The God Osetto. He is believed to have created the sea and even the fresh water on other lands. It is also believed that his familiar, Ikar, an Imoogi, blessed the land with many plants and fertile land. It is also believed that Ikar blessed the sea with many different types of fish as well as granting the people the ability to read minds and know people‘s intentions. Only persistent and skilled people are able to go farther than blocking their own mind and knowing the intentions of others; for this is known as a basic level of mind power. However, it is also thought that Ikar divided up the land by smashing his great body against it because he and Osetto got into a fight which caused Ikar to take it out on the people, which is why there are islands.
Where is the castle located in Llander?
The castle is located on the island Sondast and in the city Vave. It’s a very simple looking castle on the outside, but on the inside, it’s very complicated. The outside looks like four towers that are connected together. However, on the side, it’s basically a maze. If you don’t have a map of the place on you as you go in, or some sort of guide, you are definitely going to get lost. The towers easily connect to each other on the inside which is why it’s so maze-like.
What race is located in Llander?
Humans blessed by their God’s familiar.
The people of Llander, if you are on the island Sondast, tend to advertise all the things other people from other provinces can see and buy more than anything else. Even if you are there for some sort of official business, they will bother you with their continuous advertising. However, if you are on the island X-ran-ie or Loun, you will find that the people there are very welcoming and don’t pester you about all the things the people on Sondast will pester you about. If you ask, they will tell, and that is all. The people of Llander tend to have dark skin because they are outside in the sunlight extremely often. You will find people with light coloured eyes only which can unnerve some people because they seem to be all knowing and pierce into your soul. Which, in a way, isn’t too far off. The people of Llander tend to wear very colourful clothing.
What creatures lurk in Llander?
It is thought that Imoogi are found in the oceans of Llander, but there have been very few sightings, which is why many people believe that this isn’t true (even though it actually is since Ikar lives in the ocean). Other creatures that can be found are Finfolk (shape shifters who kidnap people), kun (basically a giant Chinese fish), mermaids (though they aren’t nice at all and want to kill you) and the like.

Fantasy Realm Name:
Fantasy Continent:
Fantasy Country Name:
Fantasy Provinces:
Biras, Oyomi, Selos, Llander, Kolar
What is the government like for the country and provinces?
Each province has a King and Queen. The country in general has a Wise Man or Wise Woman to help keep the peace between provinces.
History of Laroca
Before the provinces became a country, they were small countries that governed themselves. Sometimes a war would break out now and then between them. One of the recorded wars was the Laroca Wide War which lasted for 70 years. This war started because provinces wanted to change the deals they made on their resources. They wanted to up the price that was originally decided upon. Llander was the province who started the war. Llander’s king, Dyfar, at the time was short-tempered and impatient. He didn’t want to wait when it came to making negotiations, so he decided to change the other provinces’ minds by force. This, however, caused much chaos in Laroca. The war lasted for 70 years, and when Dyfar passed away from illness, the new king was quickly appointed. Bayde, Dyfar’s son, quickly realized the mistake his father had made. He made the troops retreat and started up negotiations on ending the war and fixing resource prices. However, he also had another idea in mind, which he shared with the much older kings and queens of Biras, Oyomi, Selos and Kolar. He suggested becoming a country. Trade would become much easier, and moving to another province would not be so hectic as it was before. The same would be with marriage between royal families, and even citizens. However, he also suggested that there would be a Wise Man, or a Wise Woman, who would be in charge of keeping the peace between each province. This was because he agreed with the other provinces when they said that they didn’t want, and shouldn’t have to, give up their royal lineage. Thus the search for Gundir, the present Wise Man, but that’s another tale.
How old was Bayde when he took over the throne?
He was 17.
How many years have passed since the Laroca Wide War?
100 years. However, Gundir is still alive. For some reason, whoever is chosen as a Wise Man or Wise Woman has the ability to live for a very long time, if not killed somehow by someone or something.
Why do the provinces have different directions?
Every province had their own idea of which direction was where, but the provinces are all starting to convert to North, South, East, West, which is in actuality, the proper North, South, East, West.

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