scary radiator of doom Picture

hi i'm doing my foundation course and i need people to fill in a questionare any help would be realy great ^^
if you could just awnser these questions in a comment thingy that would be awsome thankies

1. how does it make you feel?
2. what stands out most to you?
3. do you like the painting?
4. if so what do you like about it and if not what do you
dislike about it?
5. do you think you see too much
or too little of the
background image?
6. what message do you think it is trying to convey?
7. do you think the colours work?
8. can you tell what the front image is even though it is
torn up?
9. do you think this would look out of place in a
professional gallery and why?
10. what do you think of the general concept and
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