Egyptian gods roast Marshmallows round Camp Fire Picture

As is often the case with these things, a drunken conversation with friends (I *think this took place the weekend before Christmas last year) meandered through the origins of marshmallows as a foodstuff.
'Did you know they were first farmed by the Egyptians?' our mate Kev piped up.
And like someone switching on a light in my head the above image popped onto my mental stage.
On Christmas Day I actually did a preliminary sketch, but it's taken me until this afternoon to actually have a bash. It's a subject I might return to, as I've had a variety of conceptual ideas for the piece, so this may end up being the first iteration of many. Time, as they say, will tell.
For the uninitiated, that's Thoth in his bird-headed guise (he also has a baboon, presumably for when he's feeling naughty), Osiris is in the background (sans his usual hat, so he can enjoy a cigar) and Anubis telling you to be quiet.
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