Shameless Advertising Picture

It's my first attempt at a flier. (Mainly for comic and furry conventions)

I want to encourage friends to print it out and post it up in random places across America, Germany, and the Netherlands, but I don't know if they're going to...

Please buy a commission. I have nice prices. I'm hungry. I'm also selling prints of the pics in my gallery, so if you're interested, note me. Prices for prints vary, prices for commissions are 10$ sketch, 25 ink, 50 color (digital). I do all that's listed in the flier and more! The e-ml in the flier is my paypal address.

(If I make even one commission due to these fliers, I will do another, better one.)

You can see the picture of PilotDragon somewhere in my gallery, on the by.
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