Life could be much better than a box of chocolates Picture

In my opinion, self love is the foundation stone of a human being, in order to evolve itself in a safe and healthy way upon the planet of its birthright towards a guaranteed living experience way better than how that dear little retarded man in the movies described it as a box of chocolates of never knowing what you are going to get until you chew on it.

Self Love, when healthy and undamaged can even extend itself outwards by loving others as it loves itself towards a vastly misunderstood intelligent conscience.

It is not a narcissist like the Self Interested way.

The cost of the self interest way as opposed to the self love way, has been immeasurably immense and is a false road that has caused more damage to the species than anything else I can possibly think of, even to the extent of cutting down the tree of knowledge that was written inside the human brain…called the dendrite tree.

Self interest is what the DNA is up to, in the host body of the human species as it evolves inside the heart of the cold heartedness of natural extinctions and afflictions and addictions and damages and ravages and contaminations that help it progress towards the goal of one optimal survivor, using everyone as its cannon fodder to reach its goal, no matter how cute or lovely or clever you may be.

The journey of the more positive and optimal for the survival of the human species kind of self love; begins by learning about and nurturing and maintaining ones own personal brain and body first of all, by using all of the available smart technology and medication and therapeutic techniques and biological understandings and quantum searching, at ones disposal at any given space and time.

Self love knows that toxic or stupid or damaged or horrific or atrocious or many other kinds of negative life experience inputs generated by self interest, is not optimal for the growth or progress of itself or its species on its way towards a healthy and safe place of knowing that the box of chocolates one has been given is at least guaranteed to be safe and healthy enough to eat.

Self love becomes disconnected and twisted and perverted by self interest or selfishness or putting oneself above any other by seeking the external manifestations of success, like power prestige and profit, and then becomes the highway towards the mountain of doomsday that ignites the fires that melts the chocolates into rivers of unstoppable goo.

Self love, when it is balanced and as healthy and as best as it can be, in the hit and miss scenario of not knowing what sort of brain processor one will be born with and how hard it will be for ones brain to find that correct balance, expresses itself best in intelligent conscience which begins the connections that need to be grown in order for the species to progress further along their evolutionary journey towards a guaranteed safe and healthy birthright living experience for every single human being, with no more hit and miss scenarios controlled by self interest happening ever again.

The damage is so great however and the pathway towards self love is so full of obstacles and temptations and addictions and fiction and mythology and ideologies and toxic and damaged psychologies, that it appears to be as hopelessly lost as a little lamb is in a jungle full of hungry tigers.

The odds of the little lamb lasting long enough to grow up seems hopeless at the moment.

All is not lost however. (Never fear when Jennifer is near!)

Doubt survives the Hope of Hopeless brains unable to see conscious reality for what it is and therefore slowly propels the species forward to ask the questions that need to be asked in order to evolve further.

It is therefore imperative that all the planets resources be made available to the psychiatrists and psychologists and neurologists and brain investigating people out there who can find the x spot to maximize the success rate of the evolution of our species towards something much better than we could ever have imagined for ourselves.

Or maybe its best not to rely on anyone else and do it for oneself, starting with simple brain exercises…and then training up to be an Olympian thinking machine of epic imagination with immense self love flowing out from the dendrites inside your head like mighty rivers of silvery threads connecting and fixing and weaving around the brains of others and igniting the sparks that were lost and withered away through misuse and abuse.

Don’t be discouraged if disconnections are more prevalent than connections. We are still in the beginning stages of this amazing journey called the evolution of our species.
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