Cheryn Noble Picture

Cheryn was the result of a complete and utter catastrophe. He was actually a smalled carved pumpkin owned by an eccentric scientist named Sergei Antonovych that worked at a the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Pripyat, Ukraine. The pumpkin was given to him as a gift from his 10 year-old daughter, Julia. Since Julia heard from her mother that her father worked at the nuclear power plant, she purposefully carved the eyes of the pumpkin around its peculiar branch "nose" to resemble the radiation trefoil.

Sergei, along with some of the other personnel there, appeared to not have the adequate training. This eventually led to improper maintenance, and disastrous consequences as a result of many serious mistakes made when performing a routine shutdown procedure on Chernobyl's 4th reactor. The accident occurred when the requirements of the reactor's thermal output being no lower than 700 megawatts wasn't met, and an attempt to boost power resulted in a sudden power spike when an emergency shutdown was attempted.

When the disaster happened, people scattered like roaches, making futile attempts that did little to slow down the radiation that was already released into the air in a deadly plume. Sergei was among the few that made it out of the NPP alive, but didn't live for long due to the extremely high levels of radiation he was exposed to in the blast. The pumpkin that he dropped in the Control Room while panicking had not been retrieved, since it had rolled out of sight. Since the accident, a sarcophagus had been built over reactor 4 to prevent further radiation from escaping.

Events proceeding the completion of the sarcophagus began to be abnormal. Because the amounts of radiation trapped within the cement container were very high at the time, it started to affect the biological things within. As a result, the pumpkin began mutating into a sentient creature, forming a body and utilizing the pumpkin as a head.

It appeared to be a 6 foot-tall humanoid with male characteristics. His body was made of the same kind of biological material found in a pumpkin plant. Since most of the creatures that came and went from the crevices of the reactor's sarcophagus were avian, he sprouted bat-like wings. The radioactive environment that he lived in made his body adapt to consuming radioactive material such as uranium, plutonium, radium, and radon. In fact, the glowing that takes place inside of his hollow face is because of the radon gas that collected in his head reacts with the phosphors that accumulated inside.

Pripyat's cold weather eventually led him to wear heavier clothing such as large vests, lab coats, pants, and spare heavy industrial boots left behind in a hurry from the city's evacuation. Because he feared that there would be deadlier creatures outside of the shelter he was under, he began crafting from various metals he found in the rubble of the accident and created an axe-like weapon he nicknamed "The Biohacker" that beared strong resemblance to the biohazard symbol.

Lingering about the abandoned city and listening to people talk in both English and Ukrainian taught him a few of the basic things about the language they spoke, and he eventually learned speech. This also led to him giving himself a name from the thing he heard about the most: Chernobyl. He began to call himself "Cheryn Noble", his last name being a reference to the radioactive noble gas radon. The number 86 that he engraved on the middle of The Biohacker is also a reference to the element's atomic number, 86.

Cheryn mostly dwells at night, roaming the desolated streets of Pripyat when the least number of people are around. When not consuming purely radioactive elements, he sometimes eats small flora and fauna that were contaminated by the radiation. Whenever people sighted him, they made strange but reasonable comparisons to the birdman/mothman, or mythological creature of some sort. Cheryn can consciously control the amount of radiation that is emanating from his body, as to not cause any unintentional damage to his surroundings.

When injured, Cheryn can regenerate through "refueling", or eating radioactive things. If he doesn't consume anything radioactive within a matter of weeks, he begins to grow weak, and regeneration slows and eventually stops altogether. In such a weakened state, Cheryn cannot fly, and remains grounded until energy is restored through consumption. This puts him at a disadvantage if he travels far from a food source. Luckily, he can track traces of radiation from long distances that aren't his own emissions.
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