Orion Rigel Picture

So, since I am rewatching the episodes of Saint Seiya, I wanted to upload my Saint Seiya OC. This is my character:

Orion Rigel (オリオン星座のリゲル Orion no Rigeru)
Classification: Silver Saint
Cloth: Orion Cloth
Constellation: Orion
Attribute of the Cosmo: Electric
Goddess: Athena
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthdate: February 3, 1478
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Height: 170 cm
Birthplace: Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Place of Training: Sanctuary, Greece
Master: Leo Alexander

Bio: Rigel was a poor hunter living in the Black Forest of the Holy Roman Empire region of Baden-Württemberg. He had a younger brother named Tod, and their father was Arthur, the retired Capricorn Gold Saint. Through Arthur, both Rigel and Tod learned to control their cosmo. They became orphaned when Arthur was mauled to death by a bear, their mother having died to give birth to Tod. In the same year Tod also disappeared not to be seen again.
When Rigel was fifteen, he was found by Alexander, the Leo Gold Saint, and was taken to the Sactuary at Greece to become a Saint. Having seen Rigel hunt in the woods, Alexander immediately recognized him as a valuable candidate to the Orion Cloth.
In the Sanctuary, during his training under the watchful Leo Gold Saint, Rigel met and became fast friends with Hakurei, the Lemurian Altar Silver Saint.
After three arduous years of training, the day arrived where the candidates for the Orion Silver Cloth would fight until one prevailed. Rigel vanquished all his opponents until he was pitted against Saiph, a strong boy but who nonetheless lacked any control of his Cosmo. By defeating Saiph, Rigel not only earned the right to become the Orion Saint but also earned a lethal hatred from Saiph's master, the Gold Saint Scorpio Dilitrius.
It was during a scouting led by Rigel and Hakurei that the Athena's Saints were first attacked by Hades' 108 Evil Stars, the attack being led by Hades himself. As he saw Hades for the first time, Rigel learned that the current host for the King of the Underworld was none other than his missing brother Tod...

Particularities of the Cloth: As a Silver Cloth, the Orion Cloth was one of the most resistant, losing only to the Gold Cloths. Just like every other Silver Cloth, it could be frozen at -200 C°.

Fighting Abilities: Being a Silver Saint, Rigel had a good control of his Cosmo, though not yet good enough to awaken his Seventh Sense. With the help of Leo Alexander, Rigel developed an electric nature to his Cosmo, seeing as the Leo Gold Saints traditionally had electricity-based attacks. Rigel was able to create from electric barriers to electric blasts, the latter being shown on his main attack, Orion Devastation.

Special Techniques:
Orion Devastation: This attack was created by Rigel with the help of Alexander. Summoning the power of the constellation of Orion, Rigel creates an electric sphere. He punches the ground, summoning more lightings, which enhance the electric sphere, until it explodes, electrocuting everything within its reach.

Orion's Belt: Rigel summons two medium-width orbs of electricity, one in each hand, and the electric energy released by these two orbs creates a third, thus forming a triangle. He then releases the three electric orbs, which position themselves at the opponent's waist, paralyising them. This technique serves both at interrogation and torture, as the conjoined orbs can emit electric charges at Rigel's will.

Summoning of the Hounds: Rigel gives a high-pitched whistle and summons two hounds, one huge and the other short. The huge one is named Sirius, and the short one is named Procyon. They can do a diversity of tasks, like tracking whatever target or attack any opponent. They are completely loyal to Rigel, and attack whoever poses a threat to their master.

Saint Seiya belongs to Masami Kuromada.

* Most of Rigel's bio is based on Seiya's one (namely acquiring his Cloth through a competition, defeating a superficially strong opponent, and earning the resentment of the opponent's master).
* The fact that Rigel has the Scorpio Gold Saint as his nemesis is an allusion to the myth of Orion, who died when he was stinged by a scorpion.
* Dilitrius is the latinized form of Dilitrio (δηλητήριο), which is Greek for venom.
* On the Orion Cloth, since there is not an official pre Cloth Stone version (Saint Seiya Ω), I mainly based my version of the Cloth on Eden's one as seen on Ω.
* Sirius and Procyon represent, respectively, Canis Major and Canis Minor, Orion's hounds in the Greek mythology.
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