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Name: Cecera Messis

Name Meaning/Origin: Cecera comes from the word Cereris, which is Latin for Ceres, which is Cecera’s symbol. Messis is Latin for harvest, which is one of the meanings of the symbol of Ceres.

Age: 7 Solar sweeps (15 in Earth years)

Height: 5 foot 7 in Earth measurements

Trolltag: starboundHarvester; conservativeTampering if GCAT is a thing

Blood Color: Olive/Green

Typing Quirk: Does not use periods or apostrophes, sparingly uses commas, and adds a space before and after ALL punctuation. All I's become capitalized, to represent Ceres' scepter. Occasionally uses emoticons, using pretty much all of the commonly used internet emoticons but simply adding noses. c^: D^: l^:

Planet in The Medium: (Land of Stealth and Thoughts)

Strife Specibus: Scepterkind, specific weapon is the Vines of Retribution.

Fetch Modus: Author Modi - Must write at least two sentences of description on the item, and the modus will equip the item that is the closest match to the description.

Lusus: A rather large ant with two pairs of mandibles and long antennae, named ExoDad, due to ants' strong exoskeleton. Ants are one of Ceres’ symbol animals in Roman mythology.

Title: Rogue of Mind

Personality: Curious, outgoing, friendly enough, clumsy, and clingy. Tends to stray off topic.

Interests: Writing, practising acrobatics, screwing around, action movies (Specifically The Secret Special Agent Guy Infiltrates Multiple Thug Hideouts To Stop A Giant Explosion From A Bomb The Thugs Set From Destroying The Whole City While At The Same Time Wooing The Girl And Making Secret Meetings With His Boss Who Constantly Threatens His Demotion For Brutality because that one was awesome) and replicating said movies

Likes: Action movies, fistbumps, scepterwhipping inanimate objects, anti-jokes, shenanigans

Dislikes: Repetitive puns, romantic movies (neutral about romcoms), being extremely serious (Though this is levelled out by her moirail Mavoni)

Quadrants: Moirail: Mavoni Clypeu

Matesprit: Empty

Kismesis: Empty

Auspistices: Mediator for Curius Nuluna and Aturna Mesor

Death: Murdered by Aturna after taking the challenge to fight her after Aturna was forced to kill her own caliginous crush, who was also Cecera's moirail, Mavoni. In an alternate universe where my fantrolls have a session, Cecera is nearly killed by Sigaes Latuca, but lives, and is currently alive as far as the session has been planned out now.

Ancestor: Cecera's ancestor is The Depicter, a renowned fiction writer who had pleased even some of the highbloods with her work. Her ancestor had died in the Glub. In the alternate universe where a session is started with my fantrolls, Cecera finds a copy of her ancestor's outfit in her world, the Land of Stealth and Thoughts. The top picture depicts how it looks.

And then the opening sequence:

Your name is Cerera Messis. You are bright young girl who tries very hard to be as kind as possible to everyone, thought that METHOD doesn’t always pull through.

You have plentiful amounts of INTERESTS, which you keep busy with by tending to them. You enjoy a variety of ACTION MOVIES but are rather hopeless in trying to replicate them, usually ending up on your face. You continue to try, though, because it is one of your DREAMS to play a part in one of those movies. You like to write stories, but you are EXTREMELY AMATEUR at it. Though, if it’s readable, you tend to settle with it. Only one of the four books you’ve written has been published, but you forget its name, because you wrote it so long ago. You do remember, however, that it was a HALF-DECENT RENDITION of one of the action movies you seen, the title of which you forget. When you find yourself ready, you want to become a FULLY-FLEDGED AUTHOR, respected among the community. You think this probably won’t happen. You like to practice tying in jumping from tall thing to tall thing with using your SCEPTER, but you usually end up on your face. Again.

You recently downloaded a chat client called TROLLIAN, and you are eager to find a new friend on it. Your trolltag is conservativeTampering, and you type as If you were gIvIng an Important speech more quickly than the set tImelIne whIch wasnt a very good Idea In the fIrst place ! ! !

You stand in the center of your room.

What will you do?

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