Amerie Wallace - Harry Potter OC Picture

Meant to upload a pic of her but I never did so I'm doing it now kthxbye.

I have waaaaaay too many OCs..... Me gusta

Here are some of her attributes:

Name: Amerie (Pronouced Ah-muh-ree) Wallace

Nationality: Scottish

House: Ravenclaw -- Why?: Constantly keeps her nose in her books, is borderline overachiever, always comes up with creative ideas and is curious about almost everything.

2011-12: First Year (12 yrs old)
2012-13: Second (13 yrs old)
2013-14: Third (14 yrs)
2014-15: Fourth (15 yrs)
2015-16: Fifth (16 yrs)
2016-17: Sixth (17 yrs)
2017-18: Seventh (18 yrs)

Blood: Half Blood (Grandfather is muggle-born wizard)

Parents: Lorraine and Steafan Wallace

Favorite Subject: Transfiguration (really intrigued in metamorphmagus)

Patronus: Fox

Boggart: Flying insects

Interests: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol (and other fantasy world books), The muggle sport of baseball, metamorphmagus, and anything to do with coconut.

Wand: 10 1/2 inch, Rosewood, Unicorn hair core

Pets: Silver Pixie-bob cat with green eyes named Gray and a grayish-brown scops owl with yellow eyes named Twig.

Unique Features: Can do legilimency fairly well for a second year, although sometimes, it confuses her.

Closest Friends: Paul Kingsley, a guy with brown hair, light brown eyes and glasses even thicker than Amerie's. He is a great guy even though he's corny and awkward; he always makes people laugh and brightens up whoever he's near. He is also very helpful, nice and can be smart, even though he does have his slow moments. Her other close friend is Jennifer Guide, a girl that Amerie thinks is way more beautiful than she. She has long dark blonde hair and green eyes. She also has freckles like Amerie, but Jennifer's freckles are placed more on her cheeks, while Amerie's are more along her nose. Jennifer and Amerie both share their love of books (although Jennifer says she isn't nearly as smart as Amerie) and creativity, although Jennifer is way more girly and bubbly than Amerie is. Sometimes she can get annoying with her optimism and girlyness.

Enemies: Cynthia "Cindy" McIntyre. Hated Amerie since they first exchanged words. Amerie still doesn't understand why.

Quick Background: Before Amerie was sent an acceptance letter from Hogwarts, she lived in Scotland with her mum and dad in a regular sized house. They lived fairly normally, except for an occasional basic magic spell such as "Accio" or "Reparo." She attended a regular school and did very well in all of her classes. She loved mythology and history because occasionally, they'd talk about some type of magic. She studied constantly and had perfect attendance. However, in school, the other kids would make fun of her for her long frizzy curly hair, her long knobby knees and her oval glasses. This made her more cranky, sarcastic and very defensive, even to her closer friends. Sometimes she'd come off as rude or a prick, but Amerie felt that she had the right to act that way. But she could always hide her magic (and her insecurity) from them. She also had a cat with green eyes and gray fur that was very loyal to her and even understood her magical abilities. Amerie found her on a street when she was just a kitten and then took her under her own care. She decided to name her Gray. Later on, Amerie found out that Gray was a pixie bob cat.

Quick Personality: Sarcastic, nonchalant, boring, mature for her age, can hide her insecurity well, super serious even in non-serious occasions, more reserved but not necessarily shy and pessimistic.
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