Lil poster of "The Hope Tone" Picture

ok, not all of the characters are here, but these characters are the ones born with special powers, this story is based on the mythological times*i decided not to make it around the 17th hundreds* the other characters in this story will be done on a diffrent poster, cause the other characters dont have special powers, they just use wepions.

Mikumi- (left with green outfit*
eye color- silver and sky blue/ice blue
occupation-protecting his village, magic, element power, strenth
abilities- Earth powers, Ice powers, and an Antient
weapon- staff
info- Mikumi is a very special boy, mikumi is an antient, the one who can summon holy, talk to the planet, and can save the world. The germans want his blood to control all the colossus.Mikumi was only 10 when he was sent away from his real parents in the tropical place jamacia. His parents and people were battling the evil colossus and sent all the children from baby to 12 years old away to people who would take care of them. Mikumi was sent to alaska with his far distent aunt Clara and his far distent cousin Tundra. Mikumi grew a huge bond with them quickly. They trained mikumi to be a strong man to protect there village from evil. 12 years later, The colossus came to alaska, and mikumi dashed out to battle and met isamachii there with Tom. Mikumi became friends with them, and isamachii wanted mikumi to join them to stop the germans and the colossus. Mikumi agreed and his step mom let him go. Mikumi is a sweet caring person that will protect his friends and family no matter what.Mikumi is a Prince of the Earth tribe and Prince of the Ice tribe. Mikumi is the second most powerfulest person in this story. Falls inlove with isamachii.
Isamachii-*bottom in red, yellow and brown*
eye color-light blue
occupation- swords man, worrior
ability- fire powers
weapon- sword
info- isamachii is a year younger than Mikumi. Isamachii was nine when the colossus attacked his village. He lost his best friend, and isamachii and his parents made it out of the village alive. Isamachii was one of the last of his kind, he was a Fire Warroir and fire prince. Scince the colossus attacked his village, he was never able to finish his training. isamachii left his parents at the age of 21 to stop the colossus's from killing the human nation. After 5 months of travling with his horse Alo, no signs of colossus, he met Tom, and Tom joined him to stop this evil. Then Isamachii heard the colossus were in alaska from a temple of Hope. The Temple of Hope said isamachii was the chosen one to stop the Colossus and the germans before they get to the temple of Life. Isamachii then went to alaska and met Mikumi and defeated the colossus and mikumi joined them. Every time isamachii and his friends defeat a colossus, they are taken back to the temple and the temple tells them where the next colossus is. There are 16 being controlled and the germans are trying to control them all by finding an antient, using there blood to summon the spell of full control to control all the colossus on the planet. Isamachii is a brave, strong, loving guy that will do anything for his friends. Isamachii can be shy, but not durring a battle, or when he's angry. isamachii is the most powerfulest person in the story. Isamachii falls inlove with Mikumi.
Vince-*guy on right with red/black cape*
eye color-red
ability- dark powers
wepion- Hands
info-Vince is a quiet, smart guy that can summon up the dead. Vince has dark powers, which means Vince is a very dark person, his secrets are always kept to himself. Vince's parents were killed by the colossus and wants revenge. Vince was misunderstood when he was younder, and was diffrent from everybody. Vince can spread out black feathered wings when hes angry. Vince is the 3rd strongest character in the game. Vince meets Isamachii and the others in the Silent temple. Vince falls inlove with Sora.
Sora-*bird on top*
eye color- yellow
ability- to turn into a griffen and turn back into human
info-Sora is a very special girl, her kind can transform into a griffin. the Griffin is a very powerful bird, with the tail of a lion, legs of a lion, and body of a lion, and wings and head of an eagle, with ears. Sora is a loving, caring, smart, addutudeish, confident, itelligent girl that knows all. She knew that isamachii fell inlove with mikumi, and mikumi didnt know he liked him. Sora told Isamachii to tell Mikumi how much he loves him. Isamachii was too shy to show his feelings, bot sora forced him to *wow, this girl has spunk* Sora loves to fly in the sky, and she is the 4th strongest character in the story. Sora falls inlove with Vince.

Mikumi, Isamachii, Sora, Vince (c): Mirai Brianne
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