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Furry test 006

Furry test 006 Demon wing.

Something I made for the sake of refrence. To explain everything, a while back, I managed to catch by luck the 5000th page mark for Being used to doing things myself, it took me a while to decicde on something definnite. I talked with him over AIM that I may want my demom fox character Alica drawn. I had promised to give him specefics the next day but I ran into things, one of them was I never took into high consideriation everything applying to her physical appearnce, her wings included (least for her case anyway, I dunno if actuall ‘Kiko’ type Fox sprits (as far as Japenese mythology or so I figure anyway...) would have wings but for Alica it’s just the case. I never thought about what her wings actually looked like, so I dug up some actuall demon drawings and also stuff that many demon’s wings are based off of, bat wings, and made quickly this drawing for the sake of refrence.
I’d figure since her fur is dark red (most of it anyway, her pattern is not far off a tradational fox or anthro form anyway...least from what illsutrations are out there...) parts of her wing would follow suit, with the webbing between the ‘finger’s of her wing being black. I had to chose this from just over 20 other colors...maybe I shoudl reveal them all someday. But here’s what I’ve got to give C-force some help with my request. I should get seaorus about my other characters, and it’s a good sign of progress since in a book about drawing, you start to actually really consider what a character looks like as if you were actuall going to draw him/her which I hope to do someday while I’m still alive.

I can’t say much to her story, least in realtion to my Neo-earth story SERU (Neo earth, from
For Alica’s case, she’s the result of a forced union between 2 Kitsunes, thus her existence, throughout her life, she tries to lead one of relative normality but that can’t be, 1-due to her in-born demon abilites including the ability to use magic, 2 those wings, 3-having red eyes, and other things. What’s more, she finds herself caught up in the ‘great war’, she takes up with the forces against the empire. She is found usefull by many, including the US Army, not to expalin much else, lets just say she ends up becoming a weapon simialr to the case of Big Boss or Solid Snake from MGS.
Not to mention that many events in her life end up hiding her more gentle side and in place a visous killer, it’s only after the war and finding love with a certain someone was she able to show that hidden side. Long story short, she may have many things that would conder her a monster but in the end she’s not quite the case, but like any solider, regardless if it’s by fate or even by her will, she can’t ever leave the battlefield untill she dies,
I can’t reveal much else here, I should get back to writing on SERU so I can reveal more but that’s about it for now. I think I’ll reveal more to C-force since he’s doing the request and such but not here...yet...just enjoy this little refrence...

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Art, Alica, copyright Rossriders
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