The Death Squad Picture

This is a much better drawing of The Death Squad. My new idea for an incredibly morbid super-hero team. They're hanging out in a graveyard. It's sort of what they do.

Check out my original concept sketch, which sucks, but the comparison is cool. HERE. It's in my scraps.

I actually really like the way this came out. I used some photo-reference to keep me in line on the poses. Resultantly, I think it's more organic than most of the cartooning I tend to do.

Character Descriptions:

Shadow Man. Chris Albright has always wanted to be a hero. He wanted to be one when he joined the police academy; and he wanted to be one when he quit the force. He tried to be one as a private eye, but found himself disappointed by the lack of adventure in the career. So, he decided to put on a mask and stick his nose into organized crime. While he was snooping into a meeting of Yakuza and Italian mobsters, they were exchanging a gift. The Yakuza posessed a box which held a mighty death spirit, a Shinigami. This spirit had been imprisoned and could be forced to kill anyone who it's owner chose. Chris was found out. They shot him many times. He was dying, but decided he'd take these men down with him. He smashed the box and freed the Bakemono. The spirit killed the criminals, and Chris died of his wounds. The spirit intorduced itself as a death spirit, "Or, in your culture, you would call me an angel of death." Chris asked it to show him the way to heaven, but the spirit had other plans. As a reward for freeing him from servitude of evil men, the spirit gauranteed that Chris would always be restored if he was killed. Only if Chris truely wishes to die will his soul ever move on. And so, Chris took on the identity of ShadowMan, the hero that will never stay dead.

Geist. His name is Johan Muller. In the late 1930's it was hard to be a German immigrant in america. He changed his name to John Miller in order to try and assimilate better. He worked as a private detective. In a truely heroic effort, he committed an unspeakable act and died in the midst of it. This evil, yet heroic, crime damned his soul to hell and there he remained for over sixty years. Somehow, he made his way out of hell. Somehow, he is a ghost walking the earth. He is able to take a solid form because his soul was hardened in the fires of hell, and he rides a motorcycle (which belonged to him in his life) that is as ghostly as he is. He calls himself Geist, and dedicates himself to the very heroism that damned him in the first place, with the intention of earning his way into a more favorable afterlife.

Sangria. Ofelia Vargas. The Mayan Shaman who does all the blood-rituals and lets the spirits of the dead posess her and grant her powers in exchanged for use of her physical form. She's kind of a fucked up, goth, latina chick from Honduras. She just dresses in her clubbing gear as a costume. Big, stompy boots, a black cloak, a corsette, tight vinyl pants... facial make up. Though the make-up changes shape depending on what kind of spirit is posessing her. Sortof a visual cue so the reader of the comic knows that she's channelling something.

Dr. Edward McInnes. He's a Phd. with doctorates in Psychology and Mythology. He also had a twin sister. She died when they were only 14, and she's haunted him ever since. They shared a powerful psychic connection when they were children and it continues beyond the grave. He is a psychic of mild power, he can gain flashes of past traumas by touching the ground where the evil happened. He works for a university in the parapsychology department, and he's a famed Ghost-Hunter. He has lots of equipment, and lots of funding, because he is one of the few researchers in his field that gets solid scientific results.

The Twin. Her name is never spoken. You see, for a ghost, a name is extremely powerful. It calls them and controls them. So, she has asked her twin brother never to speak her name. He has passed on this message to the rest of the family. She doesn't know why she is still bound to the mortal world, as she has no unfinished business. But she theorizes that maybe it's her brother's strong psychic connection, and she partially blames Edward for her predicament. Thus, it's sort of a love-hate relationship between the two.
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