Hindu temple interior Picture

This is an inside view of a corridor in the Sacred Temple of the Hindus.

In the foreground is a full view of me as the "snake king", and notice how both me and the cobra (Cobriius) are staring in exactly the same direction: Towards the altar in the background.

That altar seems to represent the other statue on the temple's roof, but altered. I tried to make a realistic Buddha pose, and, although the real Shesha is male, I placed this version like "Mother Nature", or in this case, the "Mother Reptile", judging from the central head I drew.

Human souls of deceased Hindu people from Earth and reptiles from this planet are worshiping this statue. They have placed offerings into the bowl near it between the pair of lit torches, (consisting of a sacrificed bird, tea leaves, and a few bulbs-maybe vegetables or containers)

The stain glass window behind the statue represents the planet's creation or something like that, and I tried to mimic the architecture of a real Indian palace with the archway and such.

I think I did a good job of making the scaly green and purple pattern in the floor tiles.
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