Guard dog Picture

This is a quick bio for one of my characters, really it’s just a few sketches of her but I wanted to get something up before spring break.

Name: Sarah

Tag: Guard Dog

Age: somewhere in her late 20s

Appearance: around 6 feet tall thin with a lanky figure and dishwater blonde hair, normally pull back in a long braid.
Outfit: always wears long sleeves to cover up scars on her arms. Her pants are made of strong durable material and are normally worn with a set of heavy work boots. She has a heavy fur cloak with reversible lining.
Weapons of choice: a set of double swords or thick walking staff with a retractable knife edge. She is also an excellent marksman but dislikes using guns she considered them a cowards weapon.

Powers: she has the ability to charm and tame monsters. Not animals, or human monsters. I’m talking about the stuff you read in mythology. She also has an interesting pet ( not really a pet) a daemon ghost horse. That can fly, phase through things , and talk. ( but not many people know he can talk, because he usually uses his psychic connection to Guard Dog in order to communicate.) when riding hem they are capable of merging of both body and mind, and for a short period of time she’s able to turn into low-level daemon.

Origin: Sarah’s mother was a poor woman that barely supported herself and her child. She was also a devotedly religious woman that lived her life the honor of a Saint. Sarah learned a great deal about love, respect and faith from her mother. Unfortunately her mother suffered from Great Depression after her father left them, in the end she died of alcohol poisoning when Sarah was only about 16. This left the girl in her own downward spiral of depression from which she was barely rescued.
Her father is a corrupt businessman, organized crime lord. (in one story arc actually had him as the notorious Lex Luthor ) he abandoned her mother shortly after she became pregnant. He was a part of Sarah’s life only as president on Christmas and birthdays. This only lasted for a few years. After which he cut all content deciding that an illegitimate child was bad for business/ his image.

Just interesting bit of information on Guard Dog her god brother is a vampire.

The family: If you don’t remember from my earlier ranting the family is a group of outcasts mutants and monsters they can or will not fit in with normal society. it's the place you go when no one else ( well no one else you’d want) wants you. Is an extremely loosely governed group that exists across the world and possibly on other worlds… the jury’s undecided.
Adoptive parents: Guard dog’s downward spiral hit rock bottom shortly after her mother’s death. It was at this point she was found by
Lady Wolf: an animal like woman and alpha female of the pack. ( the pack: is an anarchist like group that live in the wild places of the earth, forest, mountains, Deserts, anyplace normal humans can’t live. This group is made up of members that are unable (cannot or will not) to live within even the loose social boundaries of the family.) Lady Wolf made quick work of guard dog self pitying attitude, she put her through series of brutal training, that might destroy some people. But this tough love was exactly what guard dog needed to knock some sense into her. She often jokes that she has the scars to prove it. After her training lady wolf introduce guard dog to the pack. Sarah had already been adopted by Lady Wolf upon reaching the pack she was also adopted by the alpha male Fox King .
Fox King: Is a werewolf like creature except in the fact that he is a were fox rather than Wolf.

Side note: it is very rare for someone to be adopted by both Lady Wolf and Fox King. Because of the fact she has been guard dog considered something of a princess among the pack.

Kids: the children actually adopted guard dog rather than the other way around. The girl Kitten- is the opposite of in empathic, she forcing other people to feel her emotions. Here is a more thorough description of her [link]
The boy is called Strong Arm- he is eight years old has super strength and a temper problem. he wants nothing more then to be considered a grown-up.

Please forgive my mistakes I didn’t have time to proofread this.
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