Typhon Picture

In the far-off Sunflower Galaxy (yes, there is an actual place called the Sunflower Galaxy) lives a group of planets colonized by the Hoiop, a reptilian-based species that has for many decades tried to conquer Earth, though the primary home planet is Dikona. With the awakening of the knowledge of superhuman, the Hoiop have accordingly been trying to “build a better soldier” by incorporating DNA that can mesh with their own. The results were the Tomok, veritable Hoiop super soldiers. Among their ranks was the young Hoiop Inakin. While not a distinctly pugnacious individual, Inakin volunteered to be part of the Tomok experiment and subsequent military action so as to procure enough money for food and bread for his house ,(Hoiop families are called houses and are usually very large), a house that as of late was being treated as a cause of ridicule. Inakin was the first of the Tomok to be sent to Earth. However, when he got there and observed their inhabitants from a safe distance, he noticed that they were remarkably similar to him and his race. However, Inakin’s ship drew suspicion and drew the eye of the Providence organization to him. However, before he could be taken to a Providence facility, he was whisked up by a blurred individual and next thing he knew, he was on a room with several people facing him. One he recognized as an Ainup and one looked similarly reptilian like himself but aside from that, these people were foreign to him. With Bagheera (bigchill13.deviantart.com/art/…), being the most adept at learning the human language from the first time and Psi-Knight (bigchill13.deviantart.com/art/…) being a mentalist, the two were able to give Inakin a “psychic download” of English. Inakin told them of an encroaching invasion by the Hoiop. However, when he told them of his part in it, they treated him with apprehension. After he explained that he no longer wished to harm any of these “humans,” he persuaded them to take him back to his ship so as to communicate to his commander, under close supervision, that his ship was wrecked and that Earth’s forces were too formidable. However, when he tried to contact his commander, he heard something over the communicator: Inakin was a practice dummy. The Hoiop sent him to Earth so that he could die in combat and then later Tomoks would be engineered accordingly to the data compiled. After finding this out, Inakin wished to join this team, this Locum, to safeguard this planet not only from the Hoiop but from all that think nothing of the precious gift of life.

Inakin is quite knowledgable, being able to master Earth slang in only a few weeks. However, his mastery of slang is so good that most of the time, nobody on the team knows what he is talking about. Inakin is also protective, especially of those who cannot help themselves.

Inakin is doubly powerful, being a member of the regular Hoiop race as well as being further enhanced in the Tomok program. First is his regular Hoiop biology:

· Shapeshifting: All Hoiops are capable of shapeshifting, though the act of doing it takes a quite bit of concentration of will to simple change into one form.

· Elasticity: All Hoiops have the ability to elongate and stretch themselves into multiple shapes and forms. Again, this takes a great deal of concentration and will.

· Adhesion pads: Under all of their palms and feet, Hoiops have adhesive pads similar to a geckos. These pads allow them to cling to most surfaces.

· Long Tongue: All Hoiops have a super-extended tongue that can averages about 8 feet in length. This tongue can be controlled similar to an extra limb.

· Regeneration: Also like some Earth reptiles, Hoiops are capable of regrowing entire limbs, though this process is extremely painful and most pass out from the pain.

Now for the powers attained from the Tomok program:

· Electrokinesis: Inakin is capable of producing and controlling a limited amount of excess electricity.

· Invisibility: Inakin is capable of becoming completely invisible.

· Superhuman Strength: Can lift/press 10 tons

· Superhuman Durability: Can endure small caliber bullets without much harm.

· His training to become a soldier also granted him other non-superhuman qualities such as above average marksmanship as well as become a seasoned combatant.

However, there are two fatal flaws of the Hoiop race. 1.) Despite being reptilian in nature, they live in a more damp and marshy environment, so someplace arid is not preferable. 2.) Being cold-blooded, the Hoiop live in places that are not cold otherwise they would freeze.

He takes his name from Typhon of Greek mythology, another reptilian of worthy power and strength.

The Tattooes are a part of the Tomok program. They mark that that individual is part of the Tomok.

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