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This actually turned out to be the perfect base for how my FanTroll meets Karkat...though i suppose if i wanted it to be exact she wouldn't have her horns but i REALLY wanted to show them...anyways, here's her profile.

Morgan Sovern (Troll)
Pesterchum name: warriorRavenCrone [WR]
Typing Issue: txt tlk
Font Color: Serpent Green
Ophiuchus (November 30th - December 18th)
Symbol: U̴ , Φ , a U with a ~ thru the middle sideways, or snakes wrapped around a pole like thing (wardrobe set on randomizer function, so it changes thru-out the day) Unlike most, her symbol appears on the back of her jacket rather then the front of her shirt.
Mythological entity named for: The Morrighan - Celtic Goddess of War and Sovereignty (Among other things)
Blood Color: Somewhere in the blues, that's all she'll tell, and Karkat will never tell either (As troll blood leaves no stains and designates quickly) It's also metalic slightly.
God Tier: A witch, Some combination of Doom and Blood (This may be because of her mutation and being completely away from the others)
13th and almost unknown sign except in Japan (where it is embraced as Hebitsukai-Za), she was considered by the others as “The Lost Troll” until 1 day she just...sorda...appearified on the meteor the other trolls r on. Seeing as all the other trolls were trolling humans (though she didn't know it) she chose a different approach, helping the human she chose while also making it so none of the others could find this human. She accidentally showed up in the veil, but her previous “master” had tortured her, forcibly (and painfully) removing her horns so there could be no attacks on him. As such, when she appearified accidentally to the meteor she was bloody, beaten, cut, starved, and had just had her horns removed again. (Because a Troll's, unlike an animal's, will grow back eventually) She also appearified to a panel which was thought not to work, and instantly fainted from pain n blood-loss. The only reason she was found was because that panel happened 2 b in a room in the direction of Karkat's room. He saw the light from the machine and went in 2 find her laying on the floor. When he told the other trolls they said he was insane, leaving him to patch her up himself. (This is her with her horns)

-extra info not needed-

-The Disir: Most likely ancestor and almost completely unknown. This being the case (coupled with her being a bit of a shape shifter) it is unknown if she is alive of dead.
-Karkat: love interest (possibly and most probably transcending all 4 quadrants, as the Signless was with the Disciple. his family has a history of deep love once they find the 1)
-Sollux: Though according to sign they are suppose to be opposites, she made quick...well, almost friends...with him...though it's mostly only due to them both sharing a love for technology as everything else about them is opposite.
-Equius: Frienemies, because his sign (Sagittarious) took her sign's place, however she doesn't mind as much because they share some qualities because of it.
-Grace: friends, possibly a form of Moirailship
-Master: The 1 who took her just before she developed from a grub to a troll, and was in charge of her until she managed to get away.

Strife Portfolio: Thrwstarkind (Throwing stars), Mrtartkind (Martial Arts Kind), Spearkind, Wndstfkind (wands and staffs. This is an alteration of Wandkind)

Fetch Modus Setting: Imagination -Allows her to imagine what she needs and it instantly appears on the card. it also allows her to imagine something happening with something in her deck and it happening. like, say, a random useless object flying out and flipping a switch. she made this card herself-

Age: 7.4 Alternian Solar Sweeps (16 earth years)

Planet: Unknown, she was taken away from the others long ago and somehow (probably because it was only her and Master on where ever they were) the game never ended up with her...nor did the meteors ever hit the place she lived. she only knew about the game thru monitoring the other troll's computers and such.

Name Breakdown (Troll) : The Morrighan was also sometimes called Morgan and sounds quite a bit like it. Sovern in a shortened way to write Sovereignty. It also references Morgan le Fay (a powerful wizard from the stories of King Author) and Fata Morgana (meaning a very powerful optical illusion) both of which secure her position in magic and technology, as she's been known to use holograms of things to confuse others. however, under Master she could not use any magic and was very very limited on technology because he wanted no fighting back.

Name Breakdown (Pesterchum) : Warrior referring to Morrighan's role as the goddess of War, along with her stubbornness and refusal to back down. Raven because Morrighan usually is represented by a raven or crow. Crone as in Morrighan's association to the crone portion of the marriage cycle in celtic mythology.

Info on her Mutation: It is possible that somehow serpent DNA ended up in the bucket taken to mother grub for her batch, and all the other eggs in the clutch died. She is the only troll, naturally, that has this particular...mutation. (This may also be why Karkat takes pity on her) Somehow teleporting seems to have been the source of awakening the gene, though, as she couldn't use it while under Master's...erm...supervision. She hatched with scales and after changing they went away until after teleportation. She eventually learned how to control when and where they appear, which is helpful because they're extremely hard and offer protection. As a grub she could control her horns like animals control ears, but once they were removed that information was locked away until they grow back again. It's probable that being hatched with scales was the cause for when she hatched, as her sign is the Serpent.

Personality Qualities: Can be quite funny and great to be around; she's giving, caring, full of ideas and morals, and this can cause some issues. She hates things that need to be done 1 way and only 1 way. Likewise, she hates people who think things can only be done like that and will always set out to prove them wrong. She also hates being restricted and generally does the opposite of what she's told unless told by some1 she cares about. She has tremendous inner and mental strength despite being physically quite weak. She's quite energetic and will fight even when there's little chance to win. However, she is smart enough to know when to bail out. It seems the qualities of her sign and her namesake have found somewhat of a balance in this.

Base by KuroSakuranbo14

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