Influence Map Picture

Realized I did one of these things a while ago and forgot to post it. Fortunately, everything in it is still true.

Here's a key/guide to the images, moving across from the top:

-Scene from Battlestar Galactica
Science fiction films and television are a huge interest of mine and it's inevitable that some elements from them will show up in my work; BSG is one of my favorites but certainly not the extent of my sci-fi addiction, which ranges from LOST to Alien (and Aliens) and almost everything in between.

-Sung Tongs by Animal Collective (album art)
Music is a huge part of my life (though I never got the hang of actually playing any instrument) and my discovery of Animal Collective represented a huge turning point in my tastes from generally bland (and not very inspiring) pop/rock/punk to psychedelic freak folk and the like.

-"Job" poster by Mucha
Barring dogs, my favorite thing to draw is women, and I absolutely love the way Mucha does women. I'm also a fan of the Art Nouveau style in general, with the emphasis on organic forms and nature-inspired flourishes.

-Painting of flowers by Klimt
I love the lushness and almost excessive flourishes in Klimt's art; you can can never go wrong with a few more flowers and gold paint.

-Image of Meander from Nature of Nature's Art (10%+) by Zachary Braun
Not only am I a huge fan of NOFNA, this is also meant to represent the impression that my time as a member of Stua-Raito Oekaki had on me. It was the first place online where I was ever part of a community, and when I joined in 2004 I remember it being a small, close-knit community full of amazing artists who I looked up to (and still do). Sadly it's now defunct and I've yet to find a place that remotely compares to it. It's where I first became proficient at digital art and felt what it was like to be able to connect with other people who shared my interests.

-Section of "Primavera" by Botticelli
I took a trip to Paris and became pretty enamored with classical art; the more mythology and symbolism the better. I filled a couple sketchbooks over two very short weeks and I hope to return someday.

-Movie poster/cover art by Leo & Diane Dillon for the film adaptation of D.H. Laurence's The Fox
This is one of my favorite bits of graphic design ever and I just love the Dillons in general; they have done a bunch of book covers for many different genres and I always recognize their stuff, their style is so unique. The textures they use and the groovy 60s flow a lot of their work has will never get old to me.

-Photo of an elk
Wish I knew the photographer; anyway this goes back to my roots as an artist- my subjects as a small child (and through most of middle, elementary and high school) were always animals. In kindergarten the cheetah was my absolute favorite, then dogs and wolves, now deer and pretty much everything.

-Screencap from Princess Mononoke
It's Miyazaki, what more is there to say? I wish I'd heard of him years and years ago.

-Image of the Pillars of Creation in the Eagle Nebula
Though I'm not very skilled at rendering it yet, I find nebulae, galaxies and the like incredibly beautiful and try to take every opportunity I can to stargaze. Sadly in the every rainy Pacific Northwest those opportunities are rare.

-Still from the music video of "Ready, Able" by Grizzly Bear
Another example of media that influences me- Grizzly Bear's music is fun to paint to and their music videos are pretty rad

- Astronaut (From the Cover of "Have Space Suit, Will Travel" art by Ed Emshwiller)
One of my favorites from the art blog Sci-Fi-O-Rama; seriously, it's great, check it out.

-dA artist Ochiba's character Inga
Back when I first joined DA with a different account in 2004 her art was pretty much my favorite thing ever; I was in the middle of a draw-nothing-but-wolves phase and the inspiration I got from her work did a lot to fuel it. Eventually I branched out and started watching other artists who drew wolves slightly differently, but looking through her gallery always gives me a pleasant wave of nostalgia when I remember what I was like as an 'artist' back then

-The Fractured Face of a Queen
Egyptian art has been an interest of mine since we studied it in the fifth grade; and another example of my love of the female form in art.

-"Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite National Park" by Ansel Adams
The perfect example of the inspiration I draw from nature- of all the national parks I've visited (which is unfortunately not many) none match Yosemite. I think I spent about as much time sketching as I did hiking there, and I hope I can go back sometime very soon- hopefully in the summer. Practically running down a trail through mist and snow has its attraction, but next time I want to see some clear skies.
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